Kim Jung-Hyun –– He Who Break Hearts in Crash Landing on You

Kim Jung-Hyun –– He Who Break Hearts in Crash Landing on You


Kim Jung-Hyun, an interesting man who plays an even more fascinating character in Crash Landing on You. 

I’m pretty sure by now, you’re pretty done with me yapping about just how much I love Crash Landing on You, so I’m not going to go there today. Instead, I want to dig around the world wide web for a little and look up the man who break thousands of hearts around the world and made us all shed tears with his acting in CLOY. 




Who is Kim Jung-Hyun?


Well, if you’re anything like me and have no idea who Kim Jung-Hyun is, welcome to the club. I’m pretty sure a good handful of people out there know who he is and his works before Crash Landing on You, but I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a little bit piqued when I see his face in CLOY. 


Kim Jung Hyun Crash landing


Reason is because that’s literally the first time I’ve ever heard of, or seen his face. I have no idea who this Kim Jung-Hyun man who acts so seamlessly as Goo Seung-joon. 

The man was born in April 5, 1990 and studied at Korea National University of Arts Department of Acting. That is also the university which birthed a lot of the talented Korean actors and actresses such as Kim Go-Eun, Lee Sun-Kyun, Park So-Dam, etc. His acting career debuted in the film Overman in 2015, and gained attention for the first time in 2016 with his role as Gong Hyo-Jin’s little brother in the romance comedy Jealousy Incarnate

From there, Kim Jung-Hyun starred in School 2017 (2107), Welcome to Waikiki (2018), and eventually landed his career changing role as Goo Seung-joon in Crash Landing on You (2019).




Attitude Controversy


Despite his amazing acting ability, apparently Kim Jung-Hyun came under fire a little while back while filming the Korean drama called Time––which he withdrew in the middle of shooting due to claims of his sleeping and eating disorder. 



He started controversy with the act of refusing to link arms with Seo Hyun––his co-star in the Korean drama “Time”. When being asked for reasons why, it was said that he was unable to give a proper answer, which came off as him being insincere and arrogant to the public. This was what Kim Jung-Hyun said when asked about his behavior during the press conference: 



“Both on and off set, I’m trying to live my entire life like Cheon Soo Ho. No matter the situation, whether I’m sleeping, or in between activities in the car, I’m trying to keep the person named Kim Jung Hyun from coming out and making any decisions. I usually stay very close to the characters I’m playing. I don’t know what the end result will be like, but I’m putting all my energy into working with these three actors. Rather than me having a hard time personally, because of the emotions of my character, my life is now leaning towards who Cheon Soo Ho is. But I have to overcome this and do well. I’m doing everything I can so that I can do my best.”



Despite his explanations, criticisms and talks did not reduce, with opinions arising that the actor’s attitude at the press conference of the drama was inappropriate. Not to mention, Kim Jung-Hyun also withdrew in the midst of shooting said Kdrama due to his health reasons, hindering the drama from being completed smoothly and adding even more fuel to the already burning fire. 


Kim Jung Hyun Crash landing


His comeback this time with Crash Landing on You after a year of hiatus draws a lot of public attention as they question whether he will show a different behavior image and growth compared to the controversy about his past behavior. 




Thankful for Crash Landing on You


After his withdrawal from the Korean drama “Time”, Kim Jung-Hyun went on a 1 year hiatus. There was no updates whatsoever from the man for a very long time other than him suddenly popping in a telling his fans that he’s working on better himself and working on his eating disorders.

So it’s no surprise that everyone was shocked when Jung-Hyun suddenly mentioned that he will be starring in CLOY. Despite fans’ initial worries due to his past controversies, being able to work with senior actor like Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin seemed to have helped Jung-Hyun a lot with his self-esteem and confidence in acting.


Kim Jung Hyun


Jung-Hyun described Crash Landing on You as a “turning point”, and said thanks to the drama for helping him get past a 17-month period where he was physically and mentally unwell and unable to love himself. 


“It was a time when I had been berating myself as both a person and an actor. I was having a really hard time then, to the point where I thought, ‘Why am I living?’ Every moment was like I was standing at the edge of a cliff. One day, I suddenly realized that I was being too hard on myself. I felt that because I wasn’t able to live well at the moment, I would continue to feel like I was at the edge of a cliff in the future. Once I realized that, I tried to focus on the present and the people around me.”



Personal Life


When it comes to his personal life, Kim Jung-Hyun seems to be more personal than most. Other than things such as the project he’s been in, his DOB and his eye color, it seems almost impossible to dig up much more of anything on the man.

As far as relationship goes, Jung-Hyun is currently single. However, it’s rumored that he has been in a relationship before, however they ended up separating after a year. Despite the rumors and questions, no one seems to know who the lucky person was. 




Goals Moving Forward


It’s no denying that by starring in Crash Landing on You, and the show being the second highest rated tv show in South Korea, Kim Jung-Hyun’s career is pretty much set. 


Kim Jung Hyun


As much as he’s grateful for it, he seems ready to move on to new projects and onto learning new things. Recently, when asked about his goal in 2020, the actor said he wanted to learn how to speak better English. When asked why, Kim Jung-Hyun explained that he wanted to improve his English beyond just conversational for possible future roles so he could be able to act in English. On top of that, he also added:



“One day, I will be able to relay the energy that I feel when watching movies to people from countries all around the world.”




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