Korean Drama Quotes Galore : Mr. Sunshine (미스터 션샤인)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore : Mr. Sunshine (미스터 션샤인)


Even after watching so many Korean dramas through the years, I have to admit that the kdrama Mr. Sunshine is just on a whole another level totally. And so, to honor the casts and production team that made Mr. Sunshine the unforgettable success that it is today, your girl decided to dedicate a post all about the quotes in the infamous Korean drama Mr. Sunshine.

As deep as my love for Korean dramas go, I gotta admit that most of the time watching kdramas are a hit or miss. A lot of the dramas are just so repetitive and predictable that I don’t bother to watch a lot of them anymore. So when a good kdrama appear every once in a blue moon––*cough cough* Mr. Sunshine *cough*––with amazing cinematography, kick ass casts and heartbreaking soundtrack, their popularity shoots through the roof and it becomes everything that everyone talks about for a good two weeks. 

For me, Mr. Sunshine came right on time when the KDrama land is barren as fuck all and saved our poor souls from eternal mediocracy. And for that, my couch potato ass is forever grateful and would like to honor this amazing drama and it’s even more breathtaking soundtrack with this post.




Feel free to press play :




“Why help me?”


“So you won’t get caught.”


“I was told every man’s life is precious.”


“Who said that?”




“You’re just a noble fool who lives in luxury.”


Death does not discriminate between the sinners and the saints. It takes, and it takes, and it takes. 





If I can’t have love, if I can’t find peace,

give me a bitter glory.





“The moment you fire a gun, your location will be revealed. What should your next move be?”


“Do I shoot again?”


“No, you run.”


When their paths crossed, others would get startled, steered away and even spit on him. Even forceful beating would feel less hurtful. His being was worth less than cows and pigs. That was Dong Mae.



mr sunshine quotes



Yesterday seemed like a distant past, today felt unfamiliar and tomorrow was terrifying. It was a time of turbulence. All of us, each in their own way, were living through the rapidly changing Joseon.


“The mountains in Joseon belongs to the king, but most of the land in this country belongs to me.”


“Good to know. That means I can bury you anywhere.”


The article one wrote instead of a will. Opium that burned through one’s broken body in the amount of the life he had left. The Korean flag that was given to a man who was forever a foreigner. 


It was a hot summer night that blossomed a friendship which didn’t exist before. 



mr sunshine quotes



We may have taken different paths, but it was our destiny to end up together. 


“Can you slice a flower petal exactly in half?”


“I could cut you in half.”


“Horizontally or vertically?”


“I am so sorry. You broke that expensive thing for me. I am truly sorry, my lady.”


“It’s just a saucer, we can buy another one. You’re more important to me.”


“But my lady…”


“If anyone tries to harm or take advantage of you, bite that person instead of breaking into tears. Okay?”





Do you know what the first thing I did after coming to Joseon was? 

I let everyone know that I was a runaway son of a butcher. 

Unlike my father, I was able to cut anyone down.





Be careful when you take a lady’s hand. We don’t always carry rainbows and sunshine.



mr sunshine quotes



Forget you life as Lee Yang-Hwa, and stop living as Hina Kudo. Carry makeup in your purse instead of a gun.  In your room, hang a beautiful painting instead of your fencing sword. Meet a good man and just buy yourself dresses that are as beautiful as you. Don’t cry and don’t bite. Just dream of living such a normal life.


Because I’m not a good man. I’m a bad guy. Bad guys tend to die first. That way, the good can live longer.



mr sunshine quotes



“Can I ask you a question since you’re American? What is L-O-V-E?”


“Why do you ask me that?”


“Because I want to do it. I heard that it is better than getting a job in an office.”


“Perhaps, but you can’t do it by yourself. You need to have someone to do it with.”


“Would you like to do it with me? I am a woman and I can shoot a gun.”


“It is more difficult than shooting a gun, it is more dangerous, and it requires more passion.”


“What are you doing?”


“Protecting you.”


“What for?”


“Because I can.”





Even though I have never been to America, I’ve walked the streets there everyday in my head, side by side with you.





I burned so long, so quiet. You must have wondered if I loved you back. 

I did. 

I did. 

I do.


Will our final destination be somewhere between glory and a sad ending?



mr sunshine quotes kdrama



“I can’t even read his name. The man I thought was a comrade has been a foreigner every step of the way. Is he a foe or an ally?”


The tougher you fight, the more you show your weakness.


“I’ve let another man into my heart. And I’m risking my everything for him.”


Words have no power. I will fight with a gun. 



mr sunshine quotes kdrama



“What I am to you is not what you mean to me. You give me miles and miles of mountains. 


And I’ll ask for the sea.”


There are two ways to see flowers. You either put some in a vase, or set out to meet them along a path. I choose to do the latter. That will be unpleasant on my end, for there won’t be any flowers along the path I choose. 





If there’s a reason I’m still alive when everyone who loves me has died,


I’m willing to wait for it.





“When I ask you something, I ask as a woman and nothing more.”


I wish to burn brightly, then wilt. Like a flame.

I do fear death, but I made up my mind.



mr sunshine quotes kdrama



“I read from the newspaper that we are living in the romantic era now. Maybe it is true. Those who have accepted the Western culture enjoy coffee, wear clothes from France, and get excited by imported goods. I am no different. But my romance lies in the muzzle of a German rifle.”


“So this is what a hotel room looks like. I’ve never been in one before.”


“I’ve never brought anyone to my room either. It’s been rummaged though.”


“You must have many valuables in here.”


“Now I have one more.”


“Once my story ends, we’ll go our separate ways.”





“What good of a man is he when flowers are all he has in his hands?”





Maybe it was the beginning of revenge. Or the end of jealousy.


Should I take the hand that tried to shoot me?

I’m taking the hand of the man who knew that and still stepped into the cross-hairs. 



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“If I were to do something, I will become someone very great. That’s why I do nothing.”


“Spring is here. Everything I like is here.”


“Leave me out of it.”


“She’s refusing flowers, a floral palanquin, and even this handsome face.  I have no idea what to do. I have never been rejected by a woman before.”



mister sunshine quotes



“I know you’re awake. Won’t you hop off now?”




“Fine then.”


“Am I heavy?”


“Very. Just how heavy is that heart of yours?”





“Are you smiling now by any chance?


The wind must’ve made the petals fall to put a smile on your face.”





“I thought that love was easy, but it’s difficult from many angels. I am sorry.”


“If it’s difficult, then we can stop.”


“We can quit anytime, so let’s not do it today. Today, let’s take one more step forward. So just tell me. Exchanging names, shaking hands…what should we do next?”



mister sunshine quotes



This has nothing to do with thim. This is a decision I made on my own. I have trained to the point where I don’t need a shield. I don’t intend to use him as one in anyway. For as long as I live, I just wish to give him my heart.


You drink because time is too slow. And I drink because time keeps flying past me. 





“Be elegant and proper. Find a good husband and live as a flower under his care. Fill your time with embroidering butterflies. Live your life embroidering beautiful plants. Is that really too much to ask?”



“Then I would rather die.”





“When it snows, you have to visit me. I’ll wait for you. So you should keep living for that long while. Don’t hurry to see me.”


Whatever name he assumed or title he was given to, he will always be a great and noble man.



mr sunshine quotes



The day Joseon regains peace, I promise to go to see you.


And one day, we can be walking on a street we’re familiar with and go all the way to New York, where you used to live.





If it’s my fate to survive everything only to die by your hands, then I should.





If life is a flower designed to wither, I wish for mine to bloom like fireworks.


And after stumbling through the years I thought I found you, just to see you fading out into the night.





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  • I burned so long, so quiet. You must have wondered if I loved you back.

    I did.

    I did.

    I do.

    Beautiful quotes indeed! I can’t remember who said this and which episode. Was is Ae Sin? Enlighten me please.

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