Korean Drama Quotes Galore : HYENA (하이에나)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore : HYENA (하이에나)


Guess who’s back again for another round of Korean drama quotes? Yes, ya girl is back. This time around, I’m dedicating this post to a compilation of quotes that I adore from the Korean drama Hyena (하이에나).

I must admit, South Korea’s movies and dramas have been really spot on lately. Like, compared to the previous years, it seems like they have been listening to the fans slowly but surely try to diversity their contents to try to appeal to a bigger audience.

That’s the same case with the Korean drama Hyena, for instance. A few years ago, we wouldn’t have been able to even find kdramas with a strong female lead who was not only headstrong and successful, but also dominates the career field that she’s in. Where previously there were mainly only Korean dramas circling on rich-guy-poor-girl romance, now there are a whole lot more kdramas that cover various topics. From discrimination, to LGBT to having powerful and successful women as the lead instead of men. 

It’s truly been refreshing to see how the Korean drama industry has grown throughout the years. I am excited to see where it’s going to take us from 2020 onwards. 


Korean drama hyena quotes




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“What were we exactly?”


“Us? Two people in love.”


“You need to let it go.”



Korean drama hyena quotes



“What can I do for you right now?”


“Just be here. Don’t get any ideas though, because I don’t intend to rekindle our romance.”


“Right now, just manage how you feel. If you need to, use me. I’ll let it slide tonight.”


“I’ll use you then.”


I saw him today, and he walked toward me. He became an old man, but I kept stepping backward.


“No one can blame us for falling in love even if that person killed your family.”


“So you’re saying you two were in love?”



Korean drama hyena quotes 하이에나



You won’t be able to stop me from worrying about you. I can’t control it anyway.





My heart, is mine to handle. 





“And you still say you know me?”


“No, I thought I did but I guess I didn’t.”


“How do you like this emotional side of me?”


“I honestly hate your antics, but I still like you, which is fucked up.”


I came all the way here because I wanted to see you. Because I, Yoon Hee-jae, wanted to see you, Jung Geum-ja. I, too, am annoyed by how we keep crossing each other’s paths. But the thing is, I get even more annoyed when I don’t see you around.”





I guess that’s how memories are. They’re that dreadful and cruel.





Shall I tell you what your next move should be?  

Stand tall and clear out your office.

Be confident.


“Now tell me what you said. At the disciplinary hearing held by the Bar Association.”


“You want to hear it that much?”


“Yes, I want to know.”


“I told them I loved you. Happy now?”



Korean drama hyena quotes 하이에나



Do you know how it feels when you want to help someone out in any kind of way possible but you can’t? All you can do is watch that person from afar. And so it hurts even more. 


“Why are you so bothered by last night? It wasn’t even that memorable anyway.”





If you were going to barge in here to feed your greed,

you should’ve considered me as a variable.





“Let me lean on you for a moment…I’m sure you also had a long day, why did you come?”


“So I could do this. I can be with you, like this.”



Korean drama hyena quotes



Don’t pretend to be strong and snobbish, and make it hard for me to watch you suffer. 


I hope we never meet each other again. Seeing you only makes me get furious. 



Korean drama hyena quotes



I guess you missed me after all. 





People only see what they want to see. And sometimes they think that’s “objective.”





This night never happened.



Korean drama hyena quotes 하이에나



 I am in love with Jung Geum-ja who used to be Jung Eun-yeong. Your name could be Kim Hee-sun or anything else and I still wouldn’t care.





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