Up Close & Personal : How Has Life Changed Under COVID19 Quarantine

Up Close & Personal : How Has Life Changed Under COVID19 Quarantine


Coronavirus started in late 2019, has since killed many and caused a lot of countries to go into full lockdown. Being in quarantine for a little over a month by now, I’m going to tell you how life has changed under the COVID19 quarantine.




When Panic Sets In


I don’t know how it is for others, but for me, panic regarding COVID19 set in around mid January. At the time, the outbreak was mainly still in China, namely Wuhan. And people around the world were still living life like they normally would, other than the occasional gossip on the brutality of China’s lockdown on its citizens.

At the time, I wasn’t sure why or how––it could be because of the fact that I had my eyes plastered on news about Wuhan 24/7 or the fact that I persistently looked for those leaked videos of coronavirus patients crying for help while they moan in agony––but even then, in January, I was sure that COVID19 will become bigger and deadlier than the world expect.


life change covid19 quarantine


With that knowledge and worry, I started to prepare. Stocking up on canned foods, nonperishables, masks and ethanol. Slowly but surely, I started stockpiling the things that I have seen China ran out of in the midst of their fight against this deadly virus. While I was preparing for the epidemic that was still just in China at the time, the other––more rational––part of me was laughing at myself for being such a panicked fool. What if all this preparation is for nothing? What if I just wasted a bunch of money on nonperishables and China was able to contain this virus before it spread all over the world?

I mean, at least I’m prepared than sorry, no?



The World is On Fire


Well, aren’t I glad that I spooked myself over reading the news a few weeks ago and prepared for the worst case scenario. Because now, the whole world––well, that’s an exaggeration––okay, at least half the world, is panicking.

Stock prices are going down lower than ever. People around the world, especially Italy are starting to be alarmed while number of cases continued to soar. More and more flights are getting suspended. And as panic seeps in, people started to mass buy and hoard just about anything that they could buy. The first few things to go were the obvious; things such as masks, alcohol wipes, and toilet papers. But that caused domino effects where others started to hoard food, from buying cans of canned foods to buying gallons of milk. Everyone’s afraid.


life change covid19 quarantine


By that time, I was pretty much desensitized to the news. One, because I started to limit my consumption of news after continuously feeling anxious to the point of being unable to sleep. And two, because I have prepared to the best of my ability, sans hoarding. It’s the best and everything that I could do. Now, there is nothing else to do but watch the world burn. 



Self Quarantine Week 2


I decided to self-quarantine a while back. I tried to go out less and cook at home more, yada yada. You know, the normal shebang. People have been talking about coronavirus more in this country, but for the most part, a lot of them are still very ignorant to the true scale of the havoc that this virus could wreck. 

After 2 weeks in quarantine, I have found out that I’m actually flourishing instead of falling into despair of not being able to go out and about. Life before quarantine has always been just so. fucking. busy. I was always planning, thinking. Never did I have the time to just slow the fuck down, because everything and everyone around me are always go, go, go.

Now, 2 weeks into my self-induced quarantine, life is just so much simpler. I wake up, I exercise, I cook, shower and then I have the whole day ahead of me to do whatever the hell I want. Whether it is to nap, or to read a book, play games, do puzzles or crochet.


life change covid19 quarantine


For the first time in my life, I was free to pursue all my interests that I was curious about before.



State of Emergency…Are Things Getting Serious?


Quarantine week 4. Finally the country decided to issue state of emergency. Even then, it’s only for the selected few regions. Well, at least they’re doing something about it. 

As soon as the news broke, as expected, a lot of people rush to the store to buy whatever meats, vegetables and food they can due to the panic. Since by the time I heard about the news, it was late at night and the supermarkets around me have closed, I decided to go early in the morning for my normal grocery runs. Initially, I expected for shelves in the supermarket to be empty due to the panic buying the night before, but I was thankful that I was able to buy everything that I needed.

And thus, quarantine continues.

And yes, we’re still out of masks, ethanols and toilet papers. 



Quarantine Blues


Welp. It’s here. I’m sad. 

Um, not exactly sad per se. More like, the realization of how life is just a big pile of nothingness. There is no meaning to anything. I mean, what’s even the point of being alive? 80 years of life. You’d think that’s a long time to be alive, when in fact, it means absolutely nothing in comparison to how long planet earth has been around. We humans think that we’re such special beings since we were able to progress so quickly with technology and was able to explore space. However, if you really put things into perspective, compared to the endless space out there, we’re absolutely meaningless. 


life change covid19 quarantine



I heard that if one lacks vitamin D, they can get depressed. You know, maybe I’ve been lacking on vitamin D since all I’ve been doing is staying home and only going out when necessary. I should go out for a walk sometime. Or get me some vitamin D supplements.



Going Forward


To be honest with you, I have slowly but surely gotten used to the slow pace of life. It’s actually really nice being able to stay up a little bit later to finish watching another episode of that tv show that I’ve been bingeing all day, or to just sit and crochet all day or spend the whole day cooking and baking.

I wonder if eventually we would be able to live like how it was before COVID19, or will it forever change the way the world works. I guess no one knows.


life change covid19 quarantine


I understand how much of a privilege this is. Being able to enjoy self-quarantining while starting new hobbies and not having to worry about finances. I know I am one of the lucky ones who don’t have to worry about when/if I’d be able to put food on the table tomorrow, or if I’d be able to pay the bills for this month. It saddens me to see how many people are being affected by the coronavirus, and despite everything, I sure do hope that a vaccine can be patented soon for this virus and things could go back to normal before long. 

Until then, please take care. 





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