Korean Drama Quotes Galore: Hi Bye, Mama (하이바이, 마마!)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore: Hi Bye, Mama (하이바이, 마마!)


Here we go again with great Korean drama that has even more amazing and memorable quotes. In this post, you girl will be covering all the notable quotes from the Korean drama Hi Bye, Mama! (하이바이, 마마!).

Hi Bye, Mama! is one of those Korean dramas that I just click on a whim, deciding to give it a go after being bummed out that Crash Landing on You ended and I was still unable to move on from it. While the first few episodes did not enrapture me like CLOY did, and I did have to push myself to keep watching some other time, I’m glad I pushed myself to keep on watching.

Because from this wonderful drama, I have learned so much about life in itself and also about the importance of human connections. As cheesy as this sounds, watching Hi Bye, Mama! makes me feel like I was also given a second chance in life. After seeing all the regrets that Yuri had after dying so suddenly, and also all the sorrow, pain and the if-i-could-turn-back-time-i-would-have-done-things-differently that everyone around Yuri felt, it really did change my outlook on life. 

In this post, I will be compiling all the quotes from Hi Bye, Mama! that I thought were memorable, heart-warming or just simply beautiful in itself. In the hopes that if you stumble upon this post on a day where the sun isn’t shining so brightly in life, this post might give you a little boost of positive energy that we all feel from watching Yuri joyfully lit up the lives of people around her despite her own hardships.


하이바이, 마마 hi bye mama quotes




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If I had known that the next day wouldn’t arrive ever again, I wouldn’t have let each precious day just pass by idly. If I had known the time given to us was this short, I would have treasured every insignificant moment.


There are some moments when a seemingly inconsequential coincidence you experience grows into a huge thing called fate.


We believed in 13 years together, thinking…it would be unbreakable. But life didn’t turn out the way we wanted, and no one expected our parting.



하이바이, 마마 hi bye mama quotes



Keep yourself busy. work and look after the kid, keep repeating that. just live for a day like that. when its tomorrow, live the day like that as well. you’ll live if you keep living like that everyday. you’ll survive.


Perhaps the most beautiful thing we can feel in our lives is telling someone we love that we love them and thanking someone whom we’re grateful for. 





Do you know, what’s more desperate than saying, “I want to die?”


“I want to live.”





It only took us three seconds to see each other and fall in love. Love approached us at an unexpected moment, pretending to be something ordinary.



하이바이, 마마 hi bye mama quotes



During my life, I believed that nothing around me would change. However, during the days when I was being forgotten, the world continued to turn without fail. And with that came many, many changes. 


I realized that it’s a great joy to give. And that you end up feeling sorry if you are the one to always receive. I regret that it was only after death that I learned this through my loved ones. 



하이바이, 마마 hi bye mama quotes



Everyone who’s alive is like that. They think more about tomorrow than today. That’s why they have a lot of troubles, sigh a lot and regret a lot too. If they thought they’d live just another day like you or other ghosts here, there’s no need to worry about everything.


Someone else was seeing the smile you used to make only at me. And someone else was holding the hand that only I used to hold. And someone else was in the place I was supposed to be at. It hurt. 





We could never possibly find a way to deal with goodbyes.





All stepmoms in fairytales are evil. Why? Why are they all evil? Just because they’re stepmoms? Stepmoms are moms too. But why do they have to be evil?



하이바이, 마마 hi bye mama quotes



Other couples work together to lay one brick after another to make their own home. But I felt like I had been repairing a house after it was bombed. Our house had marks from the bombing here and there. 


“There’s a room in Gang-hwa’s heart. He knows he has that room and so do you. You know, right?



“I do.”



“It’s a room I should never open up even if everyone in this world opens up to look at it. And that was really tough. That’s why I wanted to get divorced. ”






“But come to think of it I love him too much.”





I just wanted to see her walk. Then I wanted to see her talk, run and eat. I knew I had to go. But I wanted to stay a little longer. Just a little longer. 





But I realized this after my death. My life was not entirely mine. 


I don’t know what I’m living for. Home, work, home, work…I want to live a little. 



hi bye mama quotes



To my brightest jewel. It’s okay.


It’s okay. It’s no big deal. 


Everyone passes through a tunnel of darkness in life. A long tunnel that makes you think that you may never see light again. But as there are no tunnels without exits, there is no eternal love or eternal pain in this world.


I thought I was getting by, but seeing a crosswalk would always get my heart racing. I didn’t try to rememeber it or anything, but my body must have remembered it. I’m okay now. Wouldn’t it be strange if I didn’t change at all after what happened? I’m only human after all.



hi bye mama quotes



You were next to me the whole time? You saw everything? How could you stand it?





A woman who lost her husband is called a widow. A man who lost his wife is called a widower. And a kid who lost his parents is called an orphan. But there’s no word for a parent who lost their kid.

Do you know why? It’s because no word can describe it. There’s no word in this world that can describe the excruciating pain. 





Do you know when Seo-woo wears the broadest smile? When she runs to her mom. Seo-woo loves her mom so much. She can’t live without her mom. I can’t take that away from her. 



hi bye mama quotes



Some relationships are better off when they’re not pursued. Keeping that boundary was the best. 





This misfortune that struck you out of the blue, is not your fault.





But it hurt millions of times more seeing you cry alone. You woke up alone, watched Seo Woo alone, and ate alone in an empty house without me. And you cried alone. That hurt so much that I didn’t even get jealous of the other person. It broke my heart, but I felt so relieved. You felt enough pain, and you endured enough.



hi bye mama quotes



I only wanted one thing back then. I wanted you to put me behind you and go on with your life. So don’t blame yourself. You really love Min Jung. I know you do. Even if no one in the world can tell, I know it.


“Are you still scared of operating rooms?”




“Why? I thought you were getting better. You were moving on. You even got married again.”




“Then why haven’t you been treated?”


“I feel guilty. About getting better. I feel too guilty.”



hi bye mama quotes



When I was missing you so much that my heart hurt that I wanted to carve it out, you weren’t here. And when I thought I could do anything to just touch you one more time, you never answered me. Then you appeared out of the blue, and now you’re going to die again?





If I have to lose you twice, how can I live?





I’m not yours anymore. You can let me go now. 



hi bye mama quotes



There’s no such thing as a beautiful goodbye in this world. It only hurts more and more. You pretend you’re over it, but there’s always something broken inside. 


A life enters deep into our lives, then it suddenly leaves us laughing at the times we spent together. That’s called parting. 





At this moment of parting, someone will face the sorrow that’s pouring in, as she faces in the reality. Some may turn a blind eye to the grief to protect themselves and to survive from this unbearable parting. However, turning a blind eye, passing of time, or all the other things you’re trying cannot help you overcome this sadness. 





Yesterday or today, my tomorrow, had always been you. 





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