Korean Actress Kim Go-Eun: Who is She? How Did She Rise to Fame?

Korean Actress Kim Go-Eun: Who is She? How Did She Rise to Fame?


Kim Go-Eun. A name that I’m sure is widely talked about right now as she’s starring in 2020’s most popular drama with Lee Min-Ho called The King: Eternal Monarch.

While the show itself––written by a well known kdrama writer––seems to already be set for success, that has definitely doubled when viewers found out that The King: Eternal Monarch will also be starring the infamous Lee Min-Ho and the talented Kim Go-Eun. Being a Korean drama fan myself, you know that your girl cannot freaking wait to just binge it all in one go. But alas, when the drama only airs twice a week, one has to be patient.

So to stave off that desperate need for the next episode, I decided to get to know our main female lead in The King: Eternal Monarch––Kim Go-Eun––better. As I have no idea who she was other than she starred in Goblin and that she’s a versatile actress.




Who is Kim Go-Eun? 


At 21 years old, Kim Go-Eun debuted in a film directed by Jung Ji-Woo called “A Muse.” Go-Eun, who had never appeared in a film of a TV drama before––not even in a minor role––was casted to act in her first film after meeting the director Jung Ji-Woo through a circle of friends.


Kim go eun


“I ended up having an audition after chatting with the director. There wasn’t even any time for me to prepare,” Kim recalled. There were about 300 actresses who auditioned for the part, and Go-Eun was admittedly nervous and anxious about the audition seeing that the only acting she had done thus far was acting in student productions or school plays. However, despite the odds and her worries, she was chosen among the actresses who auditioned.


“When I stood on the stage for the first time, I was so nervous that I thought it would be so hard if I had to do this for the rest of my life. But from my second performance, I felt ecstatic, as if I had wings on my back, and I never wanted to step off the stage. I keep on acting because I want to hold on to that feeling.”


While and after working with Kim Go-Eun, the director of the movie “A Muse” had nothing but great things to say about her. Mentioning about how she grew and changed, as a person as well as an actress, throughout the filming process of “A Muse.”


“Her facial expressions in the last few scenes of the film are strikingly different from the ones in the beginning. I wanted to capture the moments when she realizes how precious she is to herself and to others. Not to mention, Go-Eun is naturally curious and brave. She’s strong in a sense that she isn’t influenced easily. She doesn’t do things just because everyone else does it.”



Starring in “Goblin: The Lonely & Great God” and Rise in Popularity


After her first debut in the movie “A Muse” turned out to be a hit, Kim Go-Eun received a lot of offers to star in even more movies. However, she rejected a lot of it and decided to take a break from acting to complete her degree. Before deciding to jump into the world of television and cable dramas, Go-Eun did went to star in some more movies such as Monster, Coin Locker Girl and Memories of the Sword.

After years of working in the film industry, Go-Eun decided that she wanted to try something new and made her television debut in 2016 with the now well known kdrama called Cheese in the Trap. And she later on also co-starred in Kim Eun-Sook’s fantasy drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God that skyrocketed her fame and solidified her as a versatile actress.


Kim go eun


In 2018, Go-Eun starred in the drama Sunset in My Hometown, gaining 8 kgs for the role as well as having to learn a regional dialect. And then in 2019, she was casted in the fantasy drama once again written by the infamous Kim Eun-Sook called The King: Eternal Monarch.



Boyfriend? Ex-Boyfriend? 


Due to the popularity of the Korean drama Goblin, on top of the sizzling on-screen chemistry between Kim Go-Eun and Gong Yoo in the drama, a lot of fans are hoping for the two to also date in real life.


Kim go eun


On August 23, 2016, news broke that Kim Go-Eun started dating actor Shin Ha-kyun, a veteran actor who is 17 years her senior. Due to that announcement, the rumors of Go-Eun and Gong Yoo dating died down quite quickly, however it picked up again after Go-Eun announced their breakup in March 22, 2017. Following the breakup, the rumors was brought up once again and the public speculated that the reason for Kim Go-eun and Shin Ha-kyun’s breakup was indeed because of Gong Yoo.


Kim go eun


However Kim Go-Eun’s label quickly clarified the rumors and said that, “The suspicions about her relationship with Gong Yoo is not true. They just worked together in a drama. Her breakup with Shin Ha-kyun was purely because of their schedules and not because of someone else.



Being Pressured and Going Forward


The actress admitted that the fame that follows after the success of the KDrama Goblin took its toll on her. On top of having to constantly clarify that she wasn’t dating Gong Yoo, Go-Eun also admitted that she has been very careful in choosing her next project after Goblin. 


“After finishing ‘Guardian,’ I was trying to find something that could help heal me. I thought it would be better if I could do some amusing and less demanding role, and received the offer to appear in ‘Sunset’ at just the right moment.”


Now in 2020, 4 years after Goblin, Kim Go-Eun again starred in another blockbuster with global Hallyu superstar Lee Min-Ho in the Korean drama “The King: Eternal Monarch.” When asked on her thoughts about it, she said that she was honored and will of course, give her best to the show to meet everyone’s high expectations of her, the crew and the show. 


Kim go eun


When asked how she prepared for her role in “The King: Eternal Monarch”, Go-Eun reveals that she had to learn martial arts and get into the mindset of female detectives. 


“First of all, I took some taekwondo lessons. And because I was given the role of a female detective, I didn’t want my role to seem like a stereotypical female character. So I watched a lot of interviews done by actual female detectives, and I tried to look into what kind of mentality they brought to their jobs and what their work environment was like. I want viewers to be convinced that I am someone who has actually worked in that environment, with that kind of mentality.”


And then when asked what Go-Eun admires most about her character, she said, “In the face of danger, she really brings that mindset and mentality, and really intervenes on the scene. And I think that takes a lot of courage.”





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