Korean Drama Quotes Galore : Find Me In Your Memory (그 남자의 기억법)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore : Find Me In Your Memory (그 남자의 기억법)


Your girl has been on a binge-mode lately, be it Korean dramas or tv shows. And Find Me In Your Memory is one of those Korean dramas that I’ve genuinely enjoyed watching, so much so that I decided to whip up a post solely for the quotes in the drama. 

Despite the plot in Find Me In Your Memory being nothing out of the ordinary, the way it was presented managed to pique my interest and keep it all the way to the end. While the storyline to the drama might have been a predictable one, the characters in it added a new spice and excitement. Especially Moon Ga-Young playing Yeo Ha-jin with her innocent and excitable personality, which is something that you don’t see very often in Korean dramas.

Not to mention, on top of the amazing visuals that we get from Moon Ga-Young, the chemistry between the leads and supporting roles are absolutely sizzling. It’s not something that I thought would work at first glance, but again, as the saying goes: don’t judge a book by its cover. 



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“I don’t like complicated things. I just want to live simply counting up to about 5 or 6, so that I can finish calculating only by using my two thumbs.”


Memories are supposed to lose color and fade away as time goes by. So don’t feel tormented or try hard to remember the past. What’s important is the here and now. 


I hope your days in the future will bring more happiness than your past.





Love can shake things up for people, you know. So it gets painful.

And the most painful moment is…when your happiest moments become the saddest memories.

So on some days, you want to forget about them.

But on some days, you never want to forget. 





He always uses the same pen when he works.
He hates it the most when people ask him what they should do.
He always drinks an Americano after having lunch.
When he’s done with the news, he stays in the green room and is the last one to leave.



그 남자의 기억법 find me in your memory quotes



“I give up on speaking casually to you. I wont’t do it, so you don’t get to talk to me casually. It makes my heart flutter, so I can’t have that.”


That’s why they’re meant to be. They’re destined to meet each other and fall in love.



find me in your memory quotes



I like this moment. I like that it’s just you and me.





“I want the lead actress to be elegant.

But you’re, you probably know it too, are far from it.”



“Do I look cheap? Am I that bad?”





“I was really heartbroken, but there’s nothing I could do.”



find me in your memory quotes



“I won’t be saying goodbye to you from now on.”



“Why not?”



“I want to stay by your side now. So you don’t have to worry.”


We say more things in silence than the words we say out loud.



find me your memory quotes



Grant me a wish too. No matter what happens, don’t ever say goodbye. That’s my wish.





“Just because people are kind to you… that doesn’t mean they’re good people.”





“You look so pretty when you’re not talking.”






“Be quiet. You look so beautiful.”



find me your memory quotes



“There’s someone I like. She teaches me sports.”


“You were learning another sport? Which sport?”


“You really don’t get it.”


“Then help me understand.”



find me your memory quotes



Some people hate taking photos, but I like it. It’s harder to forget if I have these pictures. I don’t have a good memory so I forget a lot of things. But if you take pictures, these memories don’t disappear, and I won’t have to be nervous about not remembering when I look at these pictures later, I feel reassured.


“Anchor Lee knows it’s my birthday soon right?”



“How would he know your birthday?”



“He can find my information online. He must have looked me up at least once.”



“Who would look you up online to memorize your birthday? Besides, even if he did, he probably forgot it.”



find me your memory quotes



You are a special person to me.





Promise me this, please.

Promise me that if you find something precious,

you won’t hesitate to go after it.

I truly hope you’ll be happy.

Not for someone else’s sake,

but for yourself.





Until everything becomes a memory, let’s become each other’s resting place.


“You promised never to say goodbye.”


“I‘m sorry. I don‘t think I can keep my promise.”


You are a good person. I want you to always be happy. I mean it. 






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