Korean Drama Quotes Galore : The World of the Married (부부의 세계)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore : The World of the Married (부부의 세계)


Ya girl quite literally just finished bingeing The World of the Married in the span of two days, and let me just say this: this drama was absolutely bonkers. As much as this drama scares me, there are also so many good quotes and life lessons that we could take away from it.

I started watching this yesterday, and stayed up all night rushing to finish the drama. This drama is definitely one of its kind, as I’ve been watching Korean dramas for years and have never seen one this crazy. And as much of a ride this drama is and as much as I enjoyed it all in its chaotic insanity, I don’t think The World of the Married is something I could rewatch ever again. 

Watching this drama quite actually scared me how cruel and toxic people could be. How low they’re willing to stoop in the name of revenge. Of course, I’m not discouraging anyone who’s thinking about watching this drama––do watch it, you’ll love it––but keep in mind that The World of the Married is not some simple marriage story about people cheating and getting divorced. It’s more than that. It’s about people who grow bitter over the past, who would do anything––no matter how manipulative––to come out on top. 

This is not a light-hearted drama, if anything, I would say that The World of the Married is more of a love story turned dark and rotten. It’s about a couple who hate, yet love each other so much that they would continue to keep at each other until there’s nothing left.




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Women are faithful not because they don’t know how to cheat. They just refrain from doing so because they believe… having trust in each other as a couple is important.


“You need to have what it takes to be able to step forward from where you collapsed. But you wouldn’t know because you have it all.”



“I’m no different.”



“Does your husband beat you? Then what? Does he steal money from you?”



“I think he’s cheating on me. And I’m scared that it might be true.”



“Why are you scared of that? You just need to find evidence and kick him out. Isn’t life supposed to be easy for successful women?”


A marriage and a couple… can get shook up, flipped around, or break apart over nothing.



the world of the married quotes



Once love became marriage, everything turned out to be the same. 


I’m too tired to hang on. It’ll be easier for everyone… if I disappear.





“Cry. Cry all you want.”





You’re the problem. You’re the one who was wrong. You’re the one who cheated and left us. You’re the one who got married as you pleased. Stop annoying me. Take care of problems on your own. 


I’ll be sick and grow old alone for the rest of my life. I should get used to it.



the world of the married quotes



You can’t raise a child with a man who you know will hurt you.


“I lost her because I made a mistake, but I’m going to get her back. I don’t want to regret it like you do.”



“Do I look like I regret it?”



“You certainly don’t look happy, that’s for sure.”





“You still have an insecurity complex towards me.”



“Naturally. I envy you. It takes skills to live off a woman.”





“How can you do this to me? Je Hyuk is my friend! How could you sleep with another man?”



“What’s the matter? Does it make you mad? Does it disgust you? Is the feeling of betrayal driving you crazy? Whatever it is you’re feeling right now, make sure you don’t forget it. Because that’s what I felt.”



the world of the married quotes



Pain is still painful even after time passes. 


How long do you think…two year is? Isn’t it too short, to forgive someone?



the world of the married quotes



Our marriage may have ended in thepast, but to me, our divorce is still inprogress.





Snap out of it, idiot. So many people are hurting because of you.

How much more must they suffer?

You piece of trash.





“Are you all right?”



“Do I look like I’m all right?”



“I’m not sure. You kind of look okay, but not really.”



“I guess I succeeded if you’re confused.”


I heard you got married, but you don’t look happy for some reason. I guess I can understand. A man who cheated once…will most likely cheat again. 


You should’ve… taught your daughter to be more careful. She shouldn’t have touched someone else’s husband. She shouldn’t make moves on a man with a kid. No matter how easy you are, only terrible people… break up someone else’s family.



the world of the married quotes



“Oh no. It slipped and broke. That’s why you shouldn’t touch other people’s things.”





“Do you finally get what you’ve done?”



“What did I do?”



“Your viciousness is what ruined us.”





“No one would take him in other than me. He just takes it out on me every now and then because life stinks. He’s not a bad guy deep down. I’m going to make him a good guy.”



“People don’t change that easily. Didn’t you ever think that he might kill you?”



the world of the married quotes



Why do I ruin everything I try to excel in? My family, my husband, and my son. Everything. 


I lost everything I wanted to protect. 





It was perfect. Everything that surrounded me was perfect.

Everything was perfect. Everyone that surrounds me had me fooled perfectly.





“Did you want to get back at me? Is that why?”


“Yes. At first, I wanted to get my revenge. But… it felt thrilling once we started. It didn’t feel that way when I was with you.”


You’re a monster. I never shoud’ve met you. You ruined my life. You should’ve just killed me. That would’ve been better for both of us.






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