Korean Actor Kim Soo-Hyun –– It’s Okay to Not be Able Resist His Charms

Korean Actor Kim Soo-Hyun –– It’s Okay to Not be Able Resist His Charms


Let’s be honest here, after the Korean drama My Love From the Stars, pretty much everyone and their grandma have heard of this man called Kim Soo-Hyun.

I mean, if your girl has to be frank, before the kdrama My Love From the Stars, I have never heard of Kim Soo-Hyun before. It was like after the drama released, overnight he shot through the clouds and landed up in the stars and cemented his position as an A list celebrity.

And now, the people––me included––couldn’t have enough of him. After his few years hiatus from the entertainment industry due to him entering the military, everyone has been really excited to watch his comeback drama that’s releasing this called It’s Okay to Not be Okay. The man is so charismatic, so much so that even I am ensnared by his charm and good looks to the point where I’m dedicating a whole ass blogpost just for the guy.

Like seriously, Kim Soo-Hyun is wrecking havoc with my brain and heart with his good looks and amazing talent, and for some reason you girl is fine with it.


hotel del luna soo hyun






Simple Biography on Kim Soo-Hyun


When Kim Soo-Hyun was younger he was an introverted little boy, which made his mother encourage him to take acting classes during his high school years to help him come out of his shell and be more extroverted. Those acting classes lead to him making his television debut with a supporting role in the 2007 family sitcom called Kimchi Cheese Smile, and then in a critically acclaimed youth drama, Jungle Fish in 2008. 

Throughout the years, Kim Soo-Hyun continued to polish his acting skills as well as starring in korean dramas until he finally hit the jackpot with the teen musical drama Dream High. Dream High not only brought in high domestic ratings, but was also raking in views and popularity internationally. Now, for those of you who thought that that’s where he hits peak popularity, consider again, because Kim Soo-Hyun manages to climb even higher up the stardom ladder when he starred in the hit period drama Moon Embracing the Sun and fantasy romance series My Love from the Star alongside a top Hallyu star Jun Ji-Hyun.


kim soo hyun acting


A few years after Kim Soo-Hyun is finished with My Love From Stars, he enlisted as an active duty soldier and began his mandatory military service on October 23, 2017. He was in the military for almost two years, even going as far as to receive an early promotion as a Sergeant for his exceptional conduct in the military before being discharged on July 1, 2019. 

His first drama after being discharged was the infamous Hotel Del Luna in 2019, and then again a small cameo in Crash Landing on You in 2020. On June 2020, his newest drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay where he plays as a psychiatric aide is set to be aired, and let me just tell you, your girl cannot be anymore ex-fucking-cited.  




Dating Rumor 


For those of you who don’t know, apparently our boy is quite the player. Well, at least rumored to be. 

In 2011, after Dream High was released and reached peak popularity not only domestically but also internationally, there has been a lot of rumors about Kim Soo-Hyun and IU dating. The two first met through Dream High and then reunited on The Producers as prospective love interest. 

A lot of the fans found that Kim Soo-Hyun and IU are quite a match and wanted them to be a real couple. However, as time goes, it eventually became obvious that Kim Soo-Hyun and IU are merely just good friends. 


kim soo hyun dating


Another one was of him dating former Wonder Girls member called Sohee. Their dating rumor started circulating around social media back in 2015, claiming that they have been in a relationship for a year. There were even some witnesses that affirmed that statement, saying that Kim Soo-Hyun would visit Sohee whenever he doesn’t have a busy schedule. And after a lot of going back and forth of are-they-dating-are-they-not, and their agencies denying that the two are dating, it eventually fades away as people started losing interest and looking for something new to gossip over. 


kim soo hyun dating


The final dating rumor is of Kim Soo-Hyun and Suzy. Like how Kim Soo-Hyun first met IU, he also knew Suzy from the hit kdrama Dream High where they were paired together as high school sweethearts. A lot of fans were wishing on wishing wells and crossing their fingers that the two date, seeing that Kim Soo-Hyun is drop dead gorgeous and Suzy is one of South Korea’s top tier beauty. 


kim soo hyun dating


Unfortunately however––other than a few projects together here and there––with their busy schedules it seems like the rumors of them dating will stay just that. Unless, both Kim Soo-Hyun and Suzy are pros at evading the paparazzo––which to be honest, is quite believable as well.

I guess we’ll never know. 



What is Kim Soo-Hyun’s Type? 


So, after reading up on all his dating rumors, your girl got curios and went sleuthing in the world wide web. And lookie what we found.

Apparently, Kim Soo-Hyun has an ideal type. And I’m going to share this gold flakes of info with you all––sharing is caring after all no? *wink wink*

In 2007, a diary he wrote an entry on his home page with a list of requirements to his potential girlfriend that gained traction and has been drawing renewed interest online. Take this with a grain of salt because Kim Soo-Hyun has been known to have a wicked sense of humor, making it hard to know when the man is being serious or playful. He wrote: 



kim soo hyun biography



“You have to feel sad because of me. You have to feel like dying, and also regret at some point. Whoever you see, you only have to think about me. And more than anything, you should never suspect me. You can never interfere with me because it’s annoying. I’m also pretty good at cursing. But you always have to be next to me when I need you, because I’m lacking love. You have to be quick-witted because I’m pretty hot-tempered. If you ever try to teach me, then you’ll die. Ah…buy me some medicine. I have a lot of minor ailments. I have an irregular pulse. I need surgery.” 


So, try to love me now. If you don’t think you can, cold-heartedly throw me away. Then I can at least cry in sorrow.


When he finished filming “Dream High,” he was asked which female idol in the cast was closer to his ideal type. Soo-Hyun refused to commit saying, “In Spring I like Eun Jung. In summer I like Suzy and in the fall I like IU.”


kim soo hyun biography


It seemed to be all done in jest and humor, however if true, the way he acts towards dating and women in general seems to be a little alarming. 

In an interview a while back, the actor said he was revising his original plan to marry by the time he was 37 and would now marry when he was 41.


“Now I don’t think I can keep to that plan, so I’m postponing it a bit and thinking about getting married at 41,” said Kim. “At 41 years old-with a 21-year-old.”



Net Worth & Projects Going Forward 


Looking at how famous the 32 year old actor is, one can pretty much give a rough guesstimate how much Kim Soo-Hyun’s net worth is. However, even with knowing how famous he is and how many sponsorships and advertisements that he does, I think you’d still be surprised when you find out how much our boy is worth.

Do you have your guesses? Ready?




A whooping $90 million. Ninety fucking million dollars.

Holy fucking shizballs.


kim soo hyun biography


I don’t know about you, but not in a million years (no pun intended) would I imagine him to be so loaded. I mean, dang. 

On top of that, it has been rumored that Soo-Hyun seems to be looking to start his own agency with his cousin sometime in the future as he has been reported to not renew his contract with his current agency KEYEAST. While the name of Kim Soo-Hyun’s new agency was yet to be known, a few actresses has been looking to join. Namely actress Seo Ye-ji and Kim Sae-ron

When asked about Kim Soo-Hyun’s departure to the agency, a representative of KEYEAST said that it’s in talks with the actor over the contract renewal and denied any rumors of Soo-Hyun departing.





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