Korean Drama Quotes Galore: The King Eternal Monarch (더 킹:영원의 군주)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore: The King Eternal Monarch (더 킹:영원의 군주)


The King: Eternal Monarch has been a wild wild ride. The cinematography, the characters, the storyline. There are just so many amazing things about that drama, and of course, let us not leave out the heartbreaking and memorable quotes peppered throughout the kdrama.

For a drama that marks the return of Lee Min Ho into the entertainment world after his military enlistment back in 2018, I must say, the man really knows how to capture everyone’s attention and got the world buzzing about him and The King: Eternal Monarch.

While this drama might not have been my favorite from 2020––because let’s be honest, the kdrama industry has been absolutely killing their game as of late with CLOY, Itaewon Class, The world of the Married, etc etc. However, The King: Eternal Monarch is definitely still up there personal rating wise. Despite me not going ballistically gaga over this drama like I did Crash Landing on You, I can see myself putting this kdrama into my list of comfort kdramas to binge watch on a rainy day. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the memorable quotes in The King: Eternal Monarch.


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“You’re as slow witted as a bear.”



“Would it be okay for the king to marry a random bear?”


Should I shoot down a star for you?


“What if I was super rude to you? Would you have fallen for me?”



“You were super rude.”



king eternal monarch quotes



Come with me. To my world.





Do you even know what “scandalous” means?





If this food is poisoned and I’m dying here, what I’m saying now will be my last words. 

Thank you for everything. Because you existed somewhere, I was less lonely for the past 25 years. 


Among real numbers, zero is my favorite. You have the nature of that number. Usually, a zero means there is nothing, but it’s actually a number of absolute power. It can nullify any number or take everything away from it. What makes money powerful is not the number at the front, but the number of zeros behind it. A number trapped in a root symbol can escape under only two circumstances. They need to have a square root, or meet the powerful number, zero.


You’re always busy and you don’t care much for me. Because of you, I’m powerless here, but it’s fine. You are much more amazing than I had imagined. And you are standing in front of the root symbol I’m trapped in. 


“I was really pretty back then. I was young, pure, gentle, and intelligent.”



“How many good words have you just misused?”





You look like a huge bandage right now.

But you’re a really pretty bandage. 





When our eyes meet, what can pass between us?


She always ties her hair when something important comes up. but she always leaves out some strands. And she doesn’t know it because she can’t see it herself. She prefers beer to tea when having a conversation. And she likes to mix drinks. Ashe takes mixing drinks seriously. She shakes the glass excitedly, and drinks it quickly. But when courage is needed, she becomes a warrior. That’s the kind of person she is.



king eternal monarch quotes



You’re the only woman in my life. 


I realized that I never even gave you a single flower. That’s why I crossed the universe for you.





I will go with you, no matter where it is, no matter what battlefield it is.





That’s when I thought, that I wanted him to be happy. 


I think it was fate. 


“If you must go, you’ll either have to kill me or take me with you. Make your choice.”



“I choose number one.”



“I’m better than you with swords.”



“Then number two.”



king eternal monarch quotes



I get hurt when I protect people, and I protect people when I get hurt. That’s how you should fight every battle.


“How long have you been his guard?”



“Since I was four.”





I know you.

I know your eyes.

We’ve met before.

…somewhere in a dream.





We bow, we meet, we pass or sit opposite each other.
You are my garments, and I am yours.
Our muscles tense.
Our skins taste like a violent sea.


I plan to become the very being that gives punishment from the skies. Your Majesty…Brother….God never created humans. It was the weak who created God.


“I would have warned you.. if we meet you die.”



king eternal monarch quotes



Your fate is determined by the choices you make. But there are times when fate chooses you.


When it’s fate, there are no coincidences. It is inevitable by nature, but when you realize its meaning…it’s always too late.





Hang in there just a little longer. I’m coming for you.


I will find you no matter what.


Please just be there, no matter where you may be. 





I have feelings for you. I have had feelings for you and you alone my whole life. For every second until now, I’ve liked you. So how can I let you go? How can I let you just die?





You’re telling the story as if you’ve seen it.





Please. Just for today. Let me say goodbye.



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Alice didn’t think about how she would return and jumped into the hole after the white rabbit. 






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  • The part “We now, we meet….where is that from? Was that one of the poems read by Court Lady Noh? I don’t remember that gorgeous line.

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