A Short Story: Someday, Somewhere, Somehow, Maybe…

A Short Story: Someday, Somewhere, Somehow, Maybe…


After about a year of me not writing any short stories, today––for reasons unfathomable to me––something sparked in my brain that made me want to put pen on paper and paint a short story on a white, blank sheet of paper. 

A paper that used to be white and clean and perfect. I shall sully it with my handwriting. With a jumble of ideas that course through my mind, with hand movements so fast that it’s hard for my body to physically keep up as I rush to pour everything I had in mind onto paper. 

I’m going to dirty that sheet of paper… rip it, tear it, maybe even cry onto it. Who knows? Better yet, what can anyone do about it? Because just like life, you’ll never know what comes next. The best that we could do is sit tight, brace ourselves and hang on. 




short story



The icy grey sky restlessly grumbled. The thick blackened clouds were dragged down by the heavy rain which it held in its delicate frame. The clouds which struggled to withstand the burden of the weight which the rain held, soon gave in. The rain poured down over the city with a roar.

Inside the one bedroom studio apartment, the couple snickered as they tried to pull the small quilt blanket this way and that to cover both their bodies. 

“This is nice,” the boy sighed, pulling the girl closer to his chest as he snuggled up to her. His eyes bloodshot with lack of sleep, yet he still managed to regard the petite blonde girl with so much love and adoration that she had to look away. 

“Hmm. It is. I’m so glad I called off work today. Now we can just cozy up and nap,” the girl mumbled, already half asleep. 

Outside of their little bubble of warmth, sheets of rain continued to bore down mercilessly upon the city, pounding on the rooftops while also bringing the often unanticipated flashes of lighting and the rolls of ominous thunder. 

“I was thinking, for Christmas this year, would you like to come visit my parents? We could have thanksgiving together. And you know…I’ve also been wanting to introduce you to my family too for a while…”

The girl turned around to look at her beloved, taking in his features as she did so. Her gorgeous boy. 

People often speak of the colour of eyes, as if that were of importance, yet his would be beautiful in any shade. From them comes an intensity, an honesty, a gentleness. His tousled dark brown hair, which she’s currently pushing away from his eyes, was this and lustrous. His eyes a mesmerizing deep ocean blue, although right now they were bloodshot and heavy with exhaustion. The girl leaned in and brushed her lips on his, slow and teasing at first and then it turned hot, fiery, and passionate. Demanding. 

The boy groaned, kissing her back with the same intensity as his hands cupped her butt, pulling her closer towards him. Wanting more, wanting her, want it now. 

“We can’t,” he broke off. “Not right now, sweets. I need to leave for work again in a few hours, I gotta get all the sleep that I can get.”

To soften the blow of his rejection, the boy pepper kisses all over her blushed skin, muttering words of love with each and every kiss. 

She closed her eyes and sighed, letting herself be loved and adored by this boy who she loved with all her being. “Okay, that’s okay. Another time.”

“Another time. I promise.” 

As the young couple settled back to their former positions––him being the big spoon, keeping her safe and warm in his embrace and her with her back to his chest, body turned towards the front door––and rain continued its downpour outside, the boy began to doze off, falling asleep almost instantly. 

When his breathing deepens and his embrace gone slack, the girl again turned around to face her sleeping golden boy. This time instead of desire and lust, her eyes brimmed with tears. She smiled, for him or her, nobody knows. Tracing his strong and defined jawline, his dark eyebrows which sloped downwards––giving him a serious expression even when sleeping. His perfect lips, those lips that had kissed her so many times throughout the years, those lips from which all his playful smiles and cheesy romantic pickup lines came from. Lips that she would never get to ever kiss again, face that she would never get to ever touch again. 

Her golden boy. Warm and brilliant. Kind, gentle, and everything she had ever wanted.

Sitting up, the now fully sobbing girl gave her beloved another kiss. This time a kiss not out of desire, but a kiss goodbye.

She left. The beautiful girl in blue left. And she’s never coming back.

Please, if there’s a god somewhere out there, tell him she’s sorry. Tell him that she loved him more than life itself and she’s sorry. 






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2 thoughts on “A Short Story: Someday, Somewhere, Somehow, Maybe…”

  • Nooo! What? Why?

    I knew something was wrong, but I wasn’t sure until the last lines. This is so sad, being forced to part with your beloved. I am curious why, what happened?

    The story also has a… Ghostly vibe to me? Like she was there, but she wasn’t really there. Maybe because she already knew she would leave him, or maybe she had already left and she was now visiting. Does that make any sense? Either way, there’s a slightly eerie vibe about it which I like.
    Great short story!

    • Hahaha it does makes sense!

      I don’t know, this story was sparked when I was watching someone fall asleep (creepy I know) and then I don’t know, the ending was pulled more from a recent life situation I suppose and it just kind of ended that way haha. I’m glad you enjoyed it nonetheless! <3

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