I’m sorry. I needed a break.

Life has been…kind of a lot this past month. I get it, shit happens and for the most part I let it roll off my shoulders. But every now and then, there will be an exceptionally big rubble that just hurdles itself right at your face and knock you flat, face first onto the ground.

And after that, there is nothing that could console you but your own tears as you cry. And cry. And cry.

That big rubble hit me right on the nut sack–-I don’t have one, but I’d imagine it’d hurt about the same––a few weeks ago. And honestly I don’t know. A lot of it was me, to be honest. I was to blame for it, and I reckon I’d probably blame myself for the rest of my life for it. But whatever, we’re not here to talk about my personal baggage. At least not right now, not yet.

I’m just writing to say that your girl needs a break. I’m sorry y’all, life has been a tad bit too much lately and it’s been hard to keep myself afloat. So I’m taking a short break.

Doncha worry, I’m okay. Well, lies. I’m not quite okay, shit’s all over the place, but I will be okay. I’ve been dealing with this for the past month, it still sucks, but it’s getting better. I think. I hope. 

For fucks sake I sure do hope it is. 

But yeah. I need a break…and I’m writing this to announce that I won’t be posting for a little bit. A week or so tops. I just need to take some time away and zip this mess of a “me” back into a more presentable me. 

I’ll be back. Don’t miss this ball of an emotional mess too much when she’s gone. 

Take care.










“It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.”



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