Mamamoo Hwasa : Mukbang Queen, Adorable Maknae & A Total Icon

Mamamoo Hwasa : Mukbang Queen, Adorable Maknae & A Total Icon


South Korea brought us a lot of things throughout the recent years. Samyang noodles, Mukbang, dewy Korean makeup, Korean pop artists like the one we all know and love : BTS and BLACKPINK, Korean dramas. Truly, I could go on and on. The list is endless.

Today, in collaboration with Korea’s booming entertainment industry that brought us all of our favorite Korean singers/songwriters who slays with their looks and vocals, then charms us with their personable personalities, please bring it up for….


korean singer


Our beloved, one and only mukbang queen Hwasa!




How It First Started 


This might be shocking to hear, but as much as I enjoy watching Korean dramas and listening to Korean music, your girl rarely ever ventures into the Kpop world. I mean sure, I know all the big names like BLACKPINK, BTS, Twice and whatnot, but I just truly never really care much for those hip-hoppy Kpop music.

Sure, your girl might now care for all that glitz and glam of being a Kpoper, however you do know what they say about the way of getting into a woman’s heart.

Diamonds. Lots of it.

Just kidding, just kidding.

Of course the first obvious answer would be : food. 


korean singer


And if you know Hwasa, then you definitely already know about her skills of inventing new food combinations and then making the public go crazy for it for a week straight. And that was exactly how I first found out about Hwasa. Not through her music, no. But through one of her legendary mukbangs.



Girlband Mamamoo


Mamamoo is a South Korean girl group formed by RWB in 2014. The group officially debuted on June 19, 2014 with the single “Mr. Ambiguous”. Despite Mamamoo being a fairly new group at the time, their debut was considered as one of the best K-pop debuts of 2014. The girlband Mamamoo is mainly recognized for the strong vocals from each and every single one of their 4 members, which their music are connected around retro, jazz and R&B genres.


Hwasa in Mamamoo


Being known as a maknae (youngest member) and the foodie of the group, I am actually a tad bit surprised when I listen to Hwasa’s singing for the first time. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, however, when I watched Hwasa performing on their various concerts, I was blown away every single time by her strong vocals and stage presence.


mamamoo hwasa


Other than being a singer and rapper in the Mamamoo group, Hwasa has also been known to write songs. One of which was Freakin’ Shoes, and it was included in one of their albums called Pink Funky. Despite Hwasa being the youngest member of the girlgroup, she is the group’s spokesperson as the public love her charms and playful personalities.

There is no denying that Mamamoo is a girlband consisted of very talented women. With that said however, there is just something about Hwasa that just pulls my attention to her every single time. She exudes such a confidence that is very rare amongst Korean entertainers that is just so refreshing to see.  Plus, the fact that she is just so comfortable in her own body, her makeup (or lack thereof), and her overall attitude that breaks the mold of the dewy, girl-next-door look that a lot of Korean singers usually go for, makes me adore her even more.


mamamoo hwasa



Ideal Guy


In a recent interview regarding her new single release –– Twit –– Hwasa opened up on what the single was about. Saying that in her song Twit, it was about a guy that she used to love.


“He gave me a lot of love, and it was so pure. But as time went on, while I was working, I became distant from him. So I wondered, ‘Why are you only breathing for me? You’re a fool.’ But it turned out I was the fool.”


mamamoo hwasa


Hwasa tried to connect the talk of love to her parents love midway through the interview, and what it meant to her when she was writing Twit. However, the interviewer wasn’t ready to give up on getting the tea as he cut her off and asked for more details.


“We first met in winter. I followed him around for a year, but he refused me. Then after we started dating, he fell for me. It was a love story in Seoul. If I wanted to eat something, he would bring it to me, even if it was 5 a.m. Even if he was sleeping, he would come to me. He was so consistent. I thought that’s what all the men in the world were like.”


Despite the love and connection between Hwasa and this man, it seems that they eventually broke it off as she got more and more busy with her career. Not to mention, since the man was not a celebrity, he might have wanted to keep his life private, and that was difficult to do seeing as Hwasa’s name has only continued to gain even more popularity and recognition as time goes by.


mamamoo hwasa


When asked what does Hwasa want in an ideal guy, she answered : “When I was younger, I liked someone who was gentle. However, that’s just a fantasy. Now I like naive men. That’s what my dad is like. He has no greed, and he’s very naive. He loves me the way I am, and he likes to share.”




mamamoo hwasa


A Simple Biography of Hwasa


Hwasa, whose real name is Ahn Hye-jin was born in Jeonju, South Korea where she lived with her parents and two elder sisters. After her graduation for Wonkwang Information Arts High School, along with her childhood friend Wheein –– who is also a member of Mamamoo –– Hwasa decided that she wanted to be a singer. Hwasa’s vocal was so unique, so much so that even before her Kpop debut, she was already asked to feature on a number of South Korean artists songs.

Not only her voice and personality that is unique, this woman also has a taste of unique food combinations. During her appearance on a Korean tv show I Live Alone in June 2018, there was a scene shown where she was devouring cow intestines (Gopchang), which started a “Gopchang craze” all across the country. This even earned her a plaque of appreciation from Korea’s Association of Cattle Organ Meats due to increased sales of Gopchang after she was seen eating them.




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