Tv Show Review: Grace & Frankie –– It Will Make You Cackle and Snort With Joy

Tv Show Review: Grace & Frankie –– It Will Make You Cackle and Snort With Joy


The tv show “Grace and Frankie” follows Grace, a retired cosmetics mogul, and Frankie, a hippie art teacher, whose husbands, Robert and Sol, are successful divorce lawyers in San Diego. Grace and Frankie‘s lives are turned upside down when Robert and Sol announce they are in love with each other and are leaving their wives. Now, the women, who have never particularly liked each other, are forced to live together and learn to unite and cope with difficulties.






Sneak Peek Into “Grace and Frankie”


The morning started off just like any morning would in sunny San Diego. Sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant waiting for their husbands, Grace and Frankie started talking about what grand news their husbands––Robert and Sol––are planning to announce to the point where they have to invite their wives out to dinner. Wouldn’t telling it at their respective homes would have worked just fine? If the men have to invite their wives all the way to a fancy restaurant to announce whatever it is that they were thinking of announcing, it must have been a pretty big news indeed!

Grace’s assumption was that her husband, Robert and his business partner, Sol––also Frankie’s husband––are thinking about retiring. Which is understandable since they are both in their 70s and have been working as divorce lawyers for decades. Frankie on the other hand, who is more of a hippie compared to Grace’s strict no non-sense personality, had just done one of her rituals that morning before coming to dinner mentioned that she could sense something bigger that the men are going to tell their wives. 

When both Robert and Sol arrived at the restaurant, there was a short moment of doubt and hesitation are Robert’s eyes met Sol’s but they pulled the trigger without fear. As if this is something that they had planned and have thought through. 

“Sol and I are in love,” Robert said. 


grace and Frankie review


Both Grace and Frankie was in shock, not knowing how to take the news of their husbands––who they have been married for 30 to 40 years––mentioning that they’re actually not in love with their wives, but with each other. The feeling of betrayal and hurt was so strong for Frankie that she just sat there, stunned. Grace on the other hand, understanding finally that the only reason why Robert and Sol invited them to dine at a restaurant while they break the news was so that she wouldn’t cause a scene. Knowing that, she deliberately started grabbing and hurling any foods she could at Robert. Causing every diner in the vicinity to stare and listen in on what could have caused such a strong reaction. 

So that was it. 40 years of marriage, down the drain. With those 6 words from Robert, the admission of their love to each other and to the fact that Robert and Sol was gay, Grace and Frankie lost both their husbands and marriages within the span of a few blinks. There is no turning back the time, or taking back what has been said because the men were serious. They have thought it through, understood the consequences of their actions and still went on with it. While both Robert and Sol have had the time to think and rethink it over and over, both Grace and Frankie just had this suddenly sprung up to their faces without warning.


grace and Frankie review


But no matter. What’s done is done. And now, all that both Grace and Frankie could do is to held their heads up high and lean onto each other to make it through this trying times. 




3 Words to Sum Up This Show








Ah, I truly cannot say how glad I am that I decided to get a Netflix subscription and crocheting. Those are two unrelated topics, but somehow their find their way to each other, my crochet and Netflix and now they’re inseparable. 

Before I started crocheting, I was always adamant on not having Netflix subscription because why the heck would I do that? I don’t even watch movies or tv shows all that much other than when I am commuting on the train. However, with COVID leaving a lot of people including me homebound, I decided to start experimenting with new hobbies. And what do you know, that new hobby leads me to look for entertainment while I crochet and before you know it, it leads me to a lot of good shows. One of them, is Grace and Frankie. 






Okay, call me ignorant because I truly haven’t watch enough show to say what I’m going to say next with the confidence that I feel, but it seems like Grace and Frankie is only show––or one of the very few––out there whose plot centers around the life of older adults. These days, with teenagers being able to voice their opinions and thoughts more as well as the BLM movement and LGBT+ movement, we are seeing more of these communities being represented in tv shows and movies. Which is an excellent thing, don’t get me wrong. However, with all these new tv shows and movies about the lives of a gay teenager, or an African American person and whatnot, we have forgotten the older generations.


grace and Frankie review


We’re trying to represent so many communities and cultures in the entertainment industry that we have totally neglected the older adults and Grace and Frankie brought attention to that. 

If I have to be honest, before watching this show, I wouldn’t have thought of watching a tv show that mainly casts older people. Not because I’m being ageist, but because I worry that I could not relate to them since the age gap was so huge. The show Grace and Frankie however, made me feel as if I wasn’t just some viewer of a random tv show but that I was their friend. Connecting and following their journey through my computer screen. Grace and Frankie invited me to view the world through their viewpoints and it made me realize that, despite our generational gap, the things we struggle with, really wasn’t all that different after all. 





Hmm. I love Sol, let me just say that right off the bat. His character as a whole is someone who has their hearts on their sleeves and could talk about anything for hours. While it could be one of the things that infuriate people about him, it’s also one of the things that made him so adorable and dear to his family and friends. It’s as if all you need is one look at him and you’d know Sol would never do anything on purpose to hurt anyone or anything. Which also makes sense how Frankie married Sol, their relationship was truly unique and one of a kind. Weird, sure but memorable as well. 

Robert on the other hand though…Hmm. I am honestly not a big fan of his character. Sure, some of it could have been because of his conditioning as a lawyer, making him hardheaded with the need to win every single argument that he had with Grace prior to their divorce, and now with Sol. I seriously feel as if the only reason why the two––Robert and Sol––didn’t break apart as Robert and Grace did, apart from him being gay, was due to the fact that Sol relented on a lot of things. 


grace and Frankie review


Sol was soft where Robert was tough, compared to Grace’s relentlessness and stubbornness that rivaled Robert’s. And that I think is the secret to the longevity of Sol and Robert’s relationship, because god knows they have had some serious relationship-ending fights. 





Love love love love love love the kids. They add so much more personality and color to the show. First, we have Grace’s daughters Brianna and Mallory. I adore Brianna and her go getter personality. Sure, yes she gets lonely at times but the woman also knows what she wants and refuse to settle for less. Mallory on the other hand, is more of a nurturing type compared to Brianna. I think I see Mallory as more of a level-headed adult who are responsible and get things done in a socially acceptable way, while Brianna is more of the one who wreck havoc and go through people and things like a hurricane, leaving a lot of debris behind after she’s done.


grace and Frankie review


Frankie’s son on the other hand, are both adopted. I don’t know why it didn’t click in the first place, seeing that Bud is black and both Frankie and Sol are caucasian. But like Mallory, Bud is the level headed one of the family. The reliable one. So if there are any problem, they usually come to Bud. Yes, even Frankie and Sol. This is not to say that Frankie and Sol are not good parents––because they are. It’s just sometimes, both mom and dad gets a tad bit too hippie at times and wasn’t able to solve problems in the most time effective way. Coyote on the other hand, is more like the black sheep of the family. Due to his drug and alcohol problems, the family tend to baby him a lot. As well as trying to be as gentle as they can around him to not have to relapse. 


grace and Frankie review


Personally, there has been times where it feels like it’s so much more fun and refreshing to follow the kids’ storyline than the adults. Having them in the show really do spice the plot up. And it’s truly surprising as seeing the four of them and the vast differences in personalities that they still vibe so well with one another. 






One of the most important things I learn from Grace and Frankie is that life goes on. Maybe it’s because they have lived and seen more than I have, but I was surprised when they didn’t fall apart crying over the ending of their marriages. Because god knows that’s what I would have done. I expected them to just stay curled up in their sofas eating ice cream and crying into their wine cups. 

And while there were some tears and hurt, eventually they move on. Slow yes, but sure. What I like about them was the fact that both Grace and Frankie didn’t lament on the past for too long. Yes, they were sad and heartbroken but they didn’t let that slow them down from dating, meeting new people and starting new business together. Even at the age of 70, they’re still achieving and doing so much. 


grace and Frankie review


I think this proves the stigma of elder-people-don’t-do-anything-fun-but-sit-on-couches-all-day wrong. Sure, granted there are older people who do that, and that’s okay too if that’s what they wanted to do. However, Grace and Frankie decided to be active and still chase after whatever it is that their hearts desire. To me at least, this show taught me that the saying of, “the world is your oyster” does not stop when you hit a certain age. You can be 90, and if you want to go bungee jumping okay maybe not bungee jumping. But if you want to start learning how to use a computer at that age, you can. Because there is no such thing as limit, only the ones that you set for yourself. 




The Verdict


Recommend. 100% recommend. I came upon this show by chance when browsing for something to watch, and I have never been happier that I decided to take a chance of Grace and Frankie. 

This is one of the show where you can just turn off your brain and watch to have a good laugh. None of the topics are too serious, although if could get a little rowdy at times, so probably not the best to watch with kids around. When I started watching Grace and Frankie, I didn’t expect it to be as binge-able as it was, but god was I wrong. I’m usually quite good with impulse control when it comes to tv shows, but for some reason with this show, I just couldn’t seem to turn off the tv. 

I said, “One more episode” and before you know it, it’s 2 AM and I just binged a whole season. 

Still though, no regrets. I am so glad I stumbled upon Grace and Frankie, and if you have the time and are in need of a good chuckle, definitely give Grace and Frankie a try. 




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