More New Korean Dramas to Captivate Our Attention This Coming November 2020

More New Korean Dramas to Captivate Our Attention This Coming November 2020


After half a year of hiatus from watching Korean dramas, to welcome November, your girl just got back into it again a few days ago and as usual, I am totally hooked. 

Even compared to American tv shows, or other Asian tv shows, there is just something about Kdramas that keeps me coming back for more. If you ask me to pinpoint just what it is exactly about Kdramas that makes me love it so much and just want to binge-watch Korean dramas all day every day, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. It could be that most of it is bite-sized with only one season, or the soft dewy look of the actors and actresses, it could be because of the language. Or it could just be a combination of all of those above put together that made so many people around the world obsess over it.

Now that I am finally back in full swing in the Korean drama binge-watching mood, I’m so excited to see what more new Korean dramas that are going to captivate our attention this upcoming November in 2020.



kdramas november 2020


1. The Uncanny Counter (경이로운 소문)


Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Mystery 

Starring : Jo Byung Kyu, Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Se Jung,

Aired : November 28, 2020 –– January 17, 2021

Episodes : 16




So Moon is the youngest of the Counters. After suffering from a mysterious car accident as a child, he eventually becomes a central figure among the Counters.

Do Ha Na has the ability to sense the locations of evil spirits, even those that are hundreds of kilometers away. She can also read memories of others through touch and works with So Moon to do away with evil spirits.

Ga Mo Tak is a Counter with incredible strength. He’s a former police officer who lost his memory seven years ago after an accident and is unable to stand idle in the face of injustice. Ga Mo Tak is also So Moon’s mentor.

Chu Mae Ok is a Counter with healing abilities. Outwardly, she’s the chef of the noodle restaurant, but among the Counters, she is the emotional pillar of the group.

Choi Jang Mool is the oldest Counter. He’s in charge of all of the Counters’ expenses, and he is a living legend among the Counters in Korea.

The Uncanny Counter tells the story of demon hunters called Counters who come to earth under the guise of being employees at a noodle restaurant in order to capture evil spirits that have returned to earth in pursuit of eternal life.



kdramas november 2020


2. Birthcare Center (산후조리원)


Genre : Comedy, Melodrama

Starring : Uhm Ji Won, Park Ha Sun, Jang Hye Jin

Aired : November 2, 2020 –– November 24, 2020

Episodes : 8




Oh Hyun Jin has had a glittering career in her work life. She is the youngest member on the board of executives at the company she works at and is used to acing everything she does. But when she delivers her first child, she is in for a shock. Giving birth was far more difficult than she had expected, and she quickly discovers that although she is a dab hand at all things work-related, she hasn’t got the first clue about how to bring up a baby.

After being discharged from hospital, she heads to a birth care center – an exclusive establishment where even A-list stars come to get postpartum care. She is dismayed to realize that she is the oldest mother in the center, and embarrassed to notice that everyone else seems to know what they are doing when it comes to looking after babies. Fortunately, the other mothers at the center prove inspirational. Among their number is Cho Eun Jung, aka the Queen Bee – a seemingly perfect mother whom everyone wants to befriend in order to learn childcare secrets. And Choi Hye Sook is the charismatic center manager – a veritable font of knowledge about all things childcare-related.



kdramas november 2020


3. Awaken (낮과 밤)


Genre : Mystery, Romance, Drama 

Starring : Nam Goong Min, Kim Sul Hyun, Lee Chung Ah

Aired : November 30, 2020 –– January 19, 2021

Episodes : 16




Do Jung Woo is a capable and legendary team leader of a special task force at the National Police Agency. He has messy hair, a constant slouch, and sucks on a lollipop all day like a kid, but he has a mysterious secret behind his sly exterior.

Gong Hye Won is a passionate police officer who does not let anything get in her way. Behind her pretty face is a hot temper that won’t cool down unless she says what she needs to say. She is one of the strongest and best fighters on her team, and can drink the others under the table, but she also has a surprisingly clumsy side.

Jamie is a detective on loan from the FBI. She was adopted as a child with almost no memories of her life before, but she returns to Korea to solve the serial killer case that is related to those lost memories from 28 years ago.



kdramas november 2020


4. Live On (라이브온)


Genre : Youth, Romance, Drama 

Starring : Jung Da Bin, Hwang Min Hyun, Noh Jong Hyun

Aired : November 17, 2020 –– January 5, 2021

Episodes : 8




This drama tells the story of Baek Ho Rang who joins the broadcasting club of her high school, led by Go Eun Taek, in order to find out who is the person trying to reveal her secret.



korean dramas november 2020


5. Please Don’t Meet Him (제발 그 남자 만나지 마요)


Genre : Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction 

Starring : Song Ha Yoon, Lee Joon Young, Yoon Bo Mi

Aired : November 16, 2020 –– February 23, 2021

Episodes : 16




“Please Don’t Meet Him” is about a woman named Seo Ji Sung who wants to fall in love but also avoid the wrong men.

In order to create the perfect love life, she creates an artificial intelligence (AI) program called Cho Sang Shin. Seo Ji Sung is a programmer of the AI smart home appliance development team. One day, she accidentally develops an AI program called Cho Sang Shin, which will identify trashy humans, and she uses it to save people who are in difficult relationships. 



korean dramas november 2020


6. Get Revenge (복수해라)


Genre : Mystery, Drama 

Starring : Kim Sa Rang, Yoon Hyun Min, Yoo Sun

Aired : November 21, 2020 –– January 10, 2021

Episodes : 16




A “mystery social revenge drama” in which Kang Hae Ra is given the opportunity to get her revenge and fight against powerful people in society.

Kang Hae Ra, who went from a reporter to one of Korea’s hottest influencers after marrying a public figure. She had to be the head of her household from a young age and grew up to be a role model for reports, but a false scandal had her plummeting to the bottom. Since then, she has wanted to get revenge, and she finally gets the chance.

Cha Min Joon is a cold lawyer who has a 100 percent success rate. After a plot throws his entire family into ruin, he focuses his talents and brains into nothing but success and revenge.

Kim Tae On is the only heir to the FB Group who will stop at nothing to inherit the company. She was born into wealth and has always gotten her way in life, but a moment’s mistake and the appearance of an unexpected person begins to show her strong but cruel side.

Kim Sang Gu is her father, who doesn’t feel affection towards his only daughter and thinks of nothing but growing his company. Ku Eun Hye took over her father’s detective agency. She is quick on her feet and will chase leads down till the end, putting everything into her work in order to get the job done.



korean dramas november 2020


7. The In-Laws (며느라기)


Genre : Comedy, Romance, Drama 

Starring : Go Ah Ra, Lee Jae Wook, Kim Joo Hun

Aired : November 21, 2020 –– February 6, 2021

Episodes : 12




The In-Laws is about the various things that occur when an ordinary daughter-in-law enters her in-laws’ household for the first time.

The drama centers around Park Ha Sun’s character, Min Sa Rin. She is an expert at her job, having been an employee at a major corporation for 7 years, but still a rookie at marriage, having only been married for one month. She tries hard to be liked by her in-laws, but encounters unexpected incidents and finds it hard to get along with her new family. Kwon Yool plays Moo Goo Young, her ordinary husband who is not particularly good nor bad.

Although he loves his wife, he gets caught up in the confusion between her and his family. Moon Hee Kyung plays Park Gi Dong, Moo Goo Young’s mother and Min Sa Rin’s mother-in-law. She is described as an extremely realistic mother-in-law.


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8. City Couple’s Way of Love (도시남녀 사랑법)


Genre : Romance, Drama 

Starring : Ji Chang Wook, Kim Ji Won, Kim Min Suk

Aired : November, 2020 –– December, 2020 (dates to be decided)

Episodes : 12




Park Chae Won, an honest and overly passionate architect who loves the city streets. After a woman that he calls the “camera thief” steals his heart one summer night and then disappears, he is unable to get over her.

Lee Eun Oh, a freelance marketer who spontaneously decides to adopt a false identity in an unfamiliar place. She accidentally ends up falling in love with Park Chae Won while posing as the free-spirited Yoon Sun Ah.

City Couple’s Way of Love will tell the story of the realistic dating lives of young people fighting to survive in a hectic city and find true love despite their busy livelihood.





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