Korean Drama Quotes Galore: Record Of Youth (청춘기록)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore: Record Of Youth (청춘기록)


Korean drama has been dominating the past few years––especially in 2020––and they have been pumping out really good shows. Record of Youth (청춘기록) is one of them.

Now that your girl is back on the Kdrama wagon once again––I’m currently watching Tale of the Nine-Tailed (구미호뎐)––I thought it’s only appropriate to celebrate it with a post of fan-favorite quotes from Record of Youth. 

Korean dramas aside, I have just started watching Hasan Minhaj after a friend recommended it to me and it’s surprisingly good. Your girl is never usually one for comedies or standup comedians for that matter, but Hasan’s Patriot Act has really hooked me in. Each episode is bite-sized and even though he talks about serious subjects, Hasan usually balances it out with some humor so none of it ever feels too heavy to follow. Personally, I learned a lot from him. A very smart guy and definitely researches what he talks about. If you’re looking for something to watch, definitely give Patriot Act a try. 

Okay, we got a little bit side-railed there because your girl got excited about a Netflix show, but that’s all in the past now. From here on out, we’re just going to do Kdrama-ing. 

Let’s get this show started, shall we? 




I don’t date since dating requires a lot of emotions and affects my life. But I’m a fangirl. 


I don’t want to be in love, but I want to be happy. 



record of youth kdrama



I’ve never loved anyone in my life.


Living an honest life doesn’t mean I’ll be happy in life. Nasty people who don’t care about others always win in this life. 





I like the stories of BTS songs. 

When i listen to their songs, it makes me want to live a good life. 





The old man told the children to wait inside until it was no longer raining. Do you remember the first day we met? We were in the rain from the very beginning. Grown-ups have to go outside even in the rain. When I’m with you though, even the rain is enjoyable.


“There is something I want to say, but I don’t know if I should say it.”



“Well… when you’re not sure whether or not you should say something, just don’t say it.”



record of youth quotes



I always tell myself that I must be strong. If I start to rely on someone, I’ll be anxious thinking that person might leave me. 


“You know what people say. They say when you get old, your friends change depending on how much money you have.”



“That’s not true for us. We knew things were different in the first place.”



“Bingo. If we change, it doesn’t mean it’s about the money. It means we lost our innocence.”





“If you want stability, get married.”


“No, I won’t.”





“But why do you hate rainy days?”



“It makes me feel like I’m all alone.”



“I’ll call you when it rains. You’re not alone.”



record of youth quotes



I like people who reflect on themselves and their past mistakes. But I don’t like people who are unpredictable. I like people who keep their words and I don’t like people who make me anxious. 


The people you love want to share your burden with you. You only disappoint them by hiding it from them. 


“I thought you had a shoot?”



“I chose you over dinner instead.”



record of youth quotes



I love you more than you think. 





“Fangirling over you is what keeps me going.”





I don’t hate the life I have now, although I’m not thrilled about it. 


“You know how to play the piano.”



“I taught myself, actually. That’s how I learned most things.”



“So you’re saying you’re a genius?”



“No, just poor.”



record of youth quotes



Having my own room and my own house… I dreamed of having my own house by doing something I liked. I will reject the reality that won’t give me what I want.


“Nothing fazes you.”



“Says who? I cry myself to sleep. What you see isn’t everything. I can smile during the day, because I cry at night.”





Why does gender even matter when you love someone?





“I love you…Let’s break up.”


I am happy. Because in this room, I can cry all I want without being interrupted.



record of youth quotes



You will be, the most beautiful and sparkling part of my youth. 





I want to be remembered as a beautiful memory.

Promise me that you’ll remember, the time we spent together. 





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