Up Close & Personal : One of My Favorite Past Time –– A Sneak Peek Into Lives

Up Close & Personal : One of My Favorite Past Time –– A Sneak Peek Into Lives


Rain. Cuddles. Thunder. Kisses. And people.

Those are a few of my favorite things. 


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The way the city is slowly and gradually blanketed by a sudden hush as rain drip, drip, drizzled from the heavy clouds. At how some might start to complain, their faces scrunching up as their minds scramble to reschedule their day around the sudden downpour. Some, busily rummaging through their bags to find their umbrellas. Sighing in relief when they do, groaning in defeat when they don’t. 

The once cold and seemingly unapproachable people of the city started to have a warm hue wrapping them. Was it because of the rain? Could it be me, who daydreams too much that even my reality started to blur? 

Who knows. 

Rain gives me serenity like no other. The pitter-patter of shoes, running and walking quickly to go from one shelter to another signals life. It assured me that no matter how cold, how busy, no matter how important of a person you are in the office, out of it, in the rain, we’re all one and the same. 


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The cluster of children trying to find shelter and protect themselves from the rain. 


Have you ever realized, how beautiful human relationships are? In our current world where everything is modernized and robotized, there is something really heartwarming about seeing kindness, compassion, passion. And sometimes, even sadness and pain. 

Did you ever wonder why we’re attracted to pain? Either we’re fascinated by it, escaping with it, or just simply trying to understand it. There is beauty in pain. 


Just as there is beauty in joy. 


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Pausing Time 


When you just take a moment to pause time, you will realize just how much beauty you are constantly surrounded by. Even the simplest thing that we take for granted; especially the simple things that we take for granted. The people you pass by every day, the lamp post, a sheet of crispy and clean paper. Everything, everything that surrounds you in all the seconds that you’re breathing is beautiful.

This is why it’s sad to see how we can never have enough. Our attention span has gotten so short, that we have let the advertisements slowly creep into our consciousness. About how we’re never enough. About how we will always need just a little bit more of this, maybe also some of that too while we’re at it. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a little bit of those too when you’re done. 

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, what am I? Without my constant greed for more, what am I? Have I become someone 7 year old me will be proud of? 


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I enjoy watching people go about their day. It’s one of my favorite past time. Do you want to know why? Because we’re all going to die anyway, and seeing people go about their day with such purpose, makes me feel something akin to relief, but the undertone of grief was always there as well. 

In 80 more years, how many lives would you have affected? Would anyone even remember you by? Would anyone still remember who I was? 



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