Korean Drama Quotes Galore: Tale of the Nine Tailed (구미호뎐)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore: Tale of the Nine Tailed (구미호뎐)


If you are an avid fan of Korean drama, then you already know that these past few months, a lot of people have been raving about Tale of Nine Tailed (구미호뎐) which your girl will be quoting today.

Especially if you are just looking for something light with a plot that is easy to follow after a long day, then this one is definitely something to watch. Not to mention, you have Lee Dong Wook‘s handsome face to refresh your eyes after a long day of work or school. 


Tale of the Nine Tailed 구미호뎐


For me personally, I find it a little bit hard to warm up to the female lead, and the storyline could be a little bit lackluster and messy at times, but for something that you can watch casually without investing too much time and energy into it, I’d say you can’t go wrong with Tale of Nine Tailed. 

So if you are on the search for kdramas to watch, definitely do give this a try. Now before you start, or for those who are already watching the korean drama, allow your girl to include some of my favorite quotes from Tale of Nine Tailed. 





“Are you an alien?”






“Then what are you?”



“A nine-tailed fox.”



“Are you over 100 years old?”



“Actually, I’m over 1000.”



“What are you doing here though?”



“Nothing other than waiting for someone.”



“As in who?”



“My first love.”






“Because a fox can only love one person till death.”



lee dong Wook kdrama



Unlike other men, he doesn’t push himself on me. He looks at me with eyes full of pity and sadness.


“What is precious to me? As if there could be anything.”





Life is short,

so try your best in life but know to let go when something’s too unbearable.



It extends to people, love… and so on and so forth.





I don’t know if it’s coincidence or fate, but I have seen you three times already. 


In what way can you protect me? You’re a mere mortal.





Fashion is an art. You express who you are through what you’re wearing.





“Did you save a little kid?”



“I need at least one good deed to defend myself with when I enter the Afterlife.”


“How could you not watch Toy Story 3? When Woody stays behind and watches Andy leave, and goes “so long, partner”. How could you not know that?”



“Isn’t that a kids’ movie?”



Tale of the Nine Tailed 구미호뎐



“What’s your dream?”



“Saving up a million dollars?”



“A million dollars? What’s your account number? I’ll transfer it now.”



lee dong wook kdrama



If i were an ordinary human, things would have been perfect.





“If you can’t fall asleep,

imagine something that makes you happy just by thinking of it.”


“Like mint chocolate chip ice cream?”





“What are you thinking about?”



“Just…that something simple like ice cream could make life this sweet.”


Don’t come to me. Stay where your are. From now on, I’ll come to you.



Tale of the Nine Tailed 구미호뎐



I often had nightmares. And every time I did, no one was ever there for me. I was used to that. But now, why am I waiting for you? Lee Yeon. 


Boy or girl…beautiful or ugly…it doesn’t matter. As long as she isn’t over 60. I don’t want her to die too soon after finally meeting her again.



tale of nine tailed quote



My mind wandered off while looking at your family photos. I thought marriage, and having a baby that takes after us. I also imagined eating gimbap at Han River, and getting into an argument—which I’d probably lose. I never age, but there I was with grey hair with you by my side.





I’ve seen tons of people who look like her over hundreds of years.

And none of them were her.




They called it the biggest scandal of Baekdudaegan. The story of a mountain spirit that fell for a human. In this day and age, I’d be criticized. But I couldn’t care less. I loved how she left her trace in my woods.



tale of nine tailed quote



“What’s wrong? Are you not enjoying the movie?”



“I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying it so much that I wish time would stop.”



“Me too.”





I’m small and powerless. The weight of my destiny is too much to bear. I feel like I’ll sink to the bottom of that ocean. But Yeon, you push me up like a buoy. You make me float. You make sure I don’t sink.

I vowed to give her the gift of a boring and warm life that normal people live, but down by that beach, this is how she replied, “Not alone.” She wishes to die together and live together. However, that seems to be a promise I can’t make.


Then I promise you this. You’ll reunite with your family and live out the rest of your life. When the time comes, you’ll forget about me and the knowledge you have of my world. You will live a normal human life.



tale of nine tailed kdrama



“That’s enough, stop looking at me. My face can only take so much gazing.”



“It’s what you told me to do.”





I never should have let him grow on me.

I never should have given him a name.

I never should have slept with him in my arms.

The day Yeon left the forest, I lost everything that was precious to me.





“Let me ask you something. What if I was the one in danger? What if my life was at stake? Would you have come to rescue me?”



“Save yourself.”



tale of nine tailed quote



You should have never been born. I tried almost everything to get rid of you while you were still in my womb. Being the monster you are, you just wouldn’t die. You are a monster, my boy.


I wish we could go back to those days. I can’t remember how the azaleas tasted back then.





Thank you, Yeon, for keeping your promise to not forget me.

And I’m sorry, for making you wait so long.





Don’t be so nice to me. To be honest, it scares me. Having a protector makes me want to be dependent, and I’m worried that it’ll only make me weaker.



tale of nine tailed quote



I love you.





I wanted to tell her how pretty she looked while eating dakbal. I wanted to wish her the most typical of good nights. I wanted to spend more time with you in this lifetime. I wanted to protect all your nights and all your days.


So this is my personal underworld. Consumed by loneliness, and dying in a world without her.





I’m sure there was at least one death among those 3.5 million people that made your heart ache.



tale of nine tailed quote



Do you really want to see the world I live in?





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