Quotes Galore: Netflix Animated Series Love Death + Robots

Quotes Galore: Netflix Animated Series Love Death + Robots


Recently, your girl has been on a Netflix binge-mode and just finished watching Netflix’s animated series called Love Death + Robots. Let me just tell you, that show was awesome.

While I normally don’t really watch animated shows, the trailer to Netflix’s Love Death + Robots was so chaotic that it pulled me right into it and before I even finished watching the trailer, your girl was already hooked. Not to mention, all the episodes were 10 – 15 minutes long, so it was bite-sized and could be watched in one sitting––especially helpful for people with short attention span like yours truly. 

If you haven’t seen the show yet, I highly recommend it. Every single episode is has different storyline and character, and while there were a few misses here and there, I must say each and every single one of the episodes have been a delight to watch. So much so that your girl is rambling about it here and writing a blogpost on all of my favorite quotes in Love Death + Robots. 

Definitely give it a try if you haven’t already––especially if you love animation and action. Oh, and also, I should note this is NSFW, so despite this being an animation, this show is not for a child’s eyes. 





We are robots. We don’t do coincidence.



love death + robots quotes



Indeed, it was their own hubris that ended their reign, their belief they were the pinnacle of creation that caused them to poison the water, kill the land and choke the sky. In the end, no nuclear winter was needed, just the long, heedless autumn of their own self-regard.





“What I want is to hunt. To hunt the men who think they can own us.”





You wanna know my edge? Every time I step into that ring, I’m fighting for my life. That fear is my edge. That fear of death.


Hate that was something I had to learn. You don’t come into this world with hate, that’s primal. It fills your senses. You can see it, hear it taste it and it keeps me alive.



love death + robots quotes



The old magic may have been gone from the world, but I could make a new magic from their machines.


“When I look inside. I don’t have to hide.”





Sometimes, it is difficult even for me to understand what I have become,

and harder still to remember what I once was.





“I dream of hunting in this jungle of metal and asphalt.”



love death + robots quotes



“Mercenaries are like hookers––acting excited costs extra.”


You’ve seen one post-apocalyptic city, you’ve seen them all.



love death + robots quotes



Next time, you should wait and celebrate our successful run after we’re home.





“I do care for you. I care for all the lost souls that end up here.”





A terrible thing had been done to me, but i could also be terrible.



love death + robots quotes



I may be an animal, but I’m done wearing your leash.


Everyone sees what they want to see.



love death + robots quotes



“I never knew anyone could fuck that hard in zero G.”






When I was a child, the whole world was full of magic.





“I have finally found the truth. I am going home.”



love death + robots quotes



“If the ghosts of people can haunt a house, why can’t the ghost of creatures haunt where they once lived?”


Sometimes, the hunter became the hunted.



Do you feel it? Are you scared now?





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