I Watched Ruben Brant, Collector on Netflix –– Here’s My Review

I Watched Ruben Brant, Collector on Netflix –– Here’s My Review


Ruben Brant, Collector follows a psychotherapist who suffers violent nightmares inspired by legendary works of art. Four of his patients, expert thieves, offer to steal the works since he believes that once he owns them, the nightmares will disappear. He becomes a wanted criminal known as “The Collector”. Who will dare to catch him and his gang?






A Sneak Peek Into “Ruben Brandt, Collector”


Ruben Brant is a psychotherapist, a successful one at that. He is not just any psychotherapist, however, because, for one, Ruben Brant specifically works with criminals––thieves to be exact. And he doesn’t give them pills to try to put a bandaid on their problems oh no no, he asked his patients to express them and then own it. Ruben deepely believed that once his patients owned their problems, then their issues too will be solved. 

Easier said than done, yes, because, despite that Ruben preached and his occupation, he himself has also been battling with nightmares. Nightmares that have slowly but surely become more and more intense and terrifying as the days gone by. His nightmares weren’t coming at random either, it was all coming from selected famous paintings. Where the objects of the paintings would come to life and try to harm Ruben in one way or the other. 


ruben brant collector review


Ruben knew that it was a bad sign, and he was working on trying to fix it himself but it is undeniable that he was terrified. Petrified when the next episode would hit him. On top of that, unlike what he had been preaching to his patients, he wasn’t owning any of his fears. No, Ruben was running away from it.

That is, until one day, one of his patients Mimi––a very skilled thief who suffered from schizophrenia––found out about Ruben’s struggles with his mental health and suggested that she and a few of his other clients could steal those paintings for Ruben. Believing that once Ruben owned all the paintings that caused him anxiety and fear, it would all dissipate by itself. Although reluctant at first, Ruben eventually agreed. He had tried so many different ways of trying to cure his mental problems, what is another one? 



“In my dream, I was two cats, and I was playing with each other.”



It never hurt to try anyway. Is that not right?

So off they went, a group of very skilled thieves with mental illnesses of their own led by a psychotherapist who had very vivid nightmares from world-famous paintings. Said psychotherapist would eventually be recognized as “The Collector” as he and his team of misfits continually pull the world’s attention as they hop from museums to museums all over the world. Effortlessly stealing all the famous paintings worth millions and billions with little to no consequences at all. 




3 Words to Describe This Movie







I must say, I have some odd and quirky animation films here and there but Ruben Brandt, Collector takes the cake. It is so different from anything that I have ever seen before. Had it not for Netflix and its algorithms, this movie would not have been on my radar in the first place––which is shocking to think about, for a movie this well made to not receive more recognition. 

Like always, when it comes to a movie/a book that I am highly enthusiastic about, there are bound to be spoilers in my review. So with that said, if you have not yet watched this show or loathe spoilers, this would be the best time to exit out of this review because the spoilers are just going to rain down from here on out. Of course, I will try my best to minimize the amount of spoilers that I am letting loose in this review, but there is never a guarantee, you know what I’m saying?





If you know me or have been following the blog for some time, you know that your girl never really care much about movie soundtracks. I mean good soundtracks do pique my interest every now and then like this song from the soundtrack in the Joker for example, however that is something that happens once in a blue moon.

With Ruben Brandt, Collector thought, it just seemed like they have bangers after bangers in their movie. There is a jazzy cover of Creep from Postmodern Jukebox that I seem to still be head over heels for, and then also a cover of Britney Spear’s “Oops I did it Again” which the original version I absolutely loathed but fell in love at first listen. 


ruben brant collector review


That is just naming a few from so many of the soundtracks that I adore from Ruben Brant, Collector. The bottom point is, this movie really slaps when it comes to their music choice. So much so that your girl just spent 3 paragraphs gushing about it while she bops to some jazzy music from this film. 





Love them, cannot get enough of them. Especially the kleptomaniac Mimi. There is just something about her that captivates and lures you in. Had this been a show, I would have loved to know more about her background and how she became who she is. 

Character-wise, all the characters in Ruben Brant, Collector is very well fleshed out. Despite the viewers not knowing the back story of the thieves who worked together to get Ruben all the paintings that haunted him, there is a sense of familiarity and inclusiveness while watching them go about their work because of how jesty and fun they are with each other. 


ruben brant collector review


While the thieves are more like happy go lucky kids who steal just for the heck of it (obviously that is not the case as they were stealing the paintings for Ruben), but their cheerfulness and confidence in every mission rubs off on the viewers, making it very entertaining to watch them. Their happy and world-is-my-oyster attitude was also well balanced by Ruben, who is most of the time more serious and more of a thinker type. With Ruben––because he is the main character––we do get a full scope of his childhood and why he had all these nightmares towards the end of the movie. 



“Possess your problems to conquer them.”



Overall, I would say that the characters are all very well written and there is a sense of balance. It is not too heavy nor too childish, yet still retains that mysterious vibe that surrounds the crew since the viewers barely had any idea who they were and what their lives were like before they all decided to band together to help Ruben. 





To be frank, I wouldn’t say the plot is anything to write home about. It is just like what was written in the synopsis, a psychotherapist has nightmares––might even be schizophrenic––and his clients who were are very skilled thieves banded together to help him steal the paintings that caused him nightmares. As far as plots go, it really isn’t anything special. 

What made Ruben Brant, Collector different is the fact that it was animated in a way that is very quirky and not easily forgettable. I mean you have a 2 dimension guy as a thief, it really doesn’t get weirder than that––I mean, I guess it can, but you get my point. Ruben Brant, Collector is a movie that is very character-driven. Like I already mentioned, all the characters––from the thieves to the police officers and other villains were so well fleshed out that it is hard to not be invested in them and their journey. 





This is a lot like The Queen’s Gambit where you can definitely enjoy the show with no previous knowledge of chess whatsoever, but would definitely love it more if you’re good at chess. Ruben Brant, Collector is the same. Even for someone who is art blind like your girl, I can see that there are a lot of art references throughout this movie that I probably missed. But nevertheless, I still really loved and enjoyed every second of this movie. 


ruben brant collector review


Now, personally, I would recommend this movie for anyone who is up to watch something that is a little bit more out of the box, however, if you’re someone who is really into art or if you breathe and sleep art, this might be something that is up your alley. Obviously I cannot say without 100% certainty, but I am pretty sure that Ruben Brant, Collector will definitely hit it better with a more artistic group than not. 

Again, not saying that art blind people (a.k.a me) cannot enjoy this movie as is, I am just saying that we are probably missing a lot of the little easter eggs that are hidden throughout the film that viewers with a deeper appreciation for the arts could easily pick up. 




The Verdict


Quite honestly, all my jumping around and trying new things to watch on Netflix hasn’t been for nothing. I must say, since I started using Netflix I have started watching––as well as discovering––so many more amazing and fun tv shows that I can share with all you wonderful people here. (I know I gab about Netflix a lot, but it is because they live up to their reputation.)

I am surprised that Ruben Brant, Collector is not more popular than it currently is, given how well made the whole movie is. Like I have already mentioned before if you are looking for something quirky and bite-sized to watch, definitely give this film a try.

For a movie that is 1 hour and 36 minutes long, it definitely feels so much shorter with all the actions going on in the film. I understand with all the good movies out there it is hard to pick one, but seriously, give Ruben Brant, Collector a try. I promise you won’t regret it. And if you happen to regret it, hit me up, your girl will send an ice cream your way to console you. *wink*




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