9 Upcoming Korean Dramas We’re All Dying to Watch this March 2021

9 Upcoming Korean Dramas We’re All Dying to Watch this March 2021


You guys, the months are literally passing like water between my fingers. It felt like I just wrote a post on upcoming Korean dramas to watch a week ago, and yet now here we are again with a month already flown by. I guess it is true what they say, the older you get the faster time flies by.

Nevertheless, now is no time to mourn because spring is just around the corner and your girl has her guns loaded with new and fun Korean dramas to watch in March 2021. Seriously though, these days with Korean dramas getting better and better, and it’s getting so much harder to allocate time to do all the things that I want to do as well as watch all the shows I want to watch.

All the shows that I have yet to watch are stacking up like mountains in my to-watch list, and here I am adding more new Korean dramas to the pile. It’s a ruthless, neverending cycle and I would not have it any other way.


2021 kdramas march




2021 kdramas march


1. Revolutionary Sisters (오케이 광자매)


Genre : Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Mystery 

Starring : Hong Eun Hee, Jun Hye Bin, Go Won Hee

Aired : March 13, 2021 –– August 29, 2021

Episodes : 50




Revolutionary Sisters is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Hong Eun-hee, Go Won-hee and Jeon Hye-bin. Directed by Lee Jin-seo, the weekend drama revolves around Lee family, who are suspected of murder of the mother during divorce proceedings of their parents



2021 kdramas march


2. Oh My Ladylord (오! 주인님)


Genre : Comedy, Romance

Starring : Lee Min Ki, Nana, Kang Min Hyuk

Aired : March 24, 2021 –– May 13, 2021

Episodes : 16




In one corner we have a drama screenwriter and in the other, a rom-com actress. While the writer chooses not to date, the actress cannot seem to date. The story unfolds as they find themselves sharing the same living quarters.



upcoming korean dramas march


3. Joseon Exorcist (조선구마사)


Genre : Action, Historical Drama, Fantasy 

Starring : Jang Dong Yoon, Park Sung Hoon, Kam Woo Sung

Aired : March 22, 2021 –– May 11, 2021

Episodes : 16




When Prince Lee Bang Won patrolled Joseon’s northern region, he faced and sealed away an evil spirit bent on dominating human beings. Having now ascended to the throne Lee Bang Won has chosen the title of King Taejong, He is a powerful monarch who can remain cool-headed, He is proud of the fact that he helped his father establish the Joseon dynasty, but is wracked with guilt over the loss of life during its foundation.

The evil spirit, which he had sealed away so long ago, now manifests itself in Joseon territory, forcing the king to battle his nemesis once again. King Taejong has two disparate sons, The Crown Prince, Yangnyeong, and The Second Prince, Chungnyeong Thus far, Prince Chungnyeong’s only interest in life has been the pursuit of academics. Suddenly faced with a crisis, courtesy of the evil spirit, he must now wage war against the entity, in order to protect the people.

Crown Prince Yangnyeong exudes an air of confidence, but in fact, he’s constantly anxious about being recognized by his father King Taejong. No matter his deeds, they never seem to measure up to his father’s expectations of him. Nevertheless, King Taejong strongly desires for Crown Prince Yangnyeong to succeed him on the throne. Consumed by greed and a need for power, Crown Prince Yangnyeong chooses to enter into a contract with the evil spirit.



upcoming kdramas march


4. Mouse (마우스마우스)


Genre : Action, Suspense, Thriller, Science Fiction 

Starring : Lee Seung Ki, Lee Hee Joon, Park Joo Hyun

Aired : March 3, 2021 –– May 6, 2021

Episodes : 20




A suspenseful story that asks the key question, “What if we could identify psychopaths in advance?” A crazed serial killer’s ruthless murders have left the entire nation gripped with fear, and chaos reigns. Justice-seeking rookie police officer, Jung Ba Reum, comes face to face with the killer. While he survives his dangerous encounter with the psychopath, Jung Ba Reum finds his life completely changing before his eyes.



upcoming korean dramas march


5. Drama Stage 20201 (드라마 스테이지 2021)


Genre : Melodrama, Suspense, Romance

Starring : Sohee, Gong Seung Yeon, Kim Woo Seok 

Aired : March 15, 2021 –– May 5, 2021

Episodes : 10




Drama Stage is an anthology series of single-episode special dramas created by CJ E&M’s O’PEN Drama Storyteller Exhibition to discover talented new scriptwriters



upcoming korean dramas march


6. Navillera (나빌레라)


Genre : Slice of life, Drama

Starring : Park In Hwan, Song Kang, Na Moon Hee

Aired : March 22, 2021 –– April 27, 2021

Episodes : 12




The drama will tell a story of growth about people who pursue their dreams because life only comes around once. Shim Deok Chul is a 70-year-old retired mailman who decides to pursue his life-long dream of learning ballet, which does not please his family.

At the dance academy, he meets Lee Chae Rok, a 23-year-old dancer who became interested in ballet after trying out different sports. His mother was a ballet dancer before she died of a disease when he was young. He is struggling financially and thinking about giving up ballet when he meets Deok Chul.



upcoming korean dramas march


7. Love Alarm S2 (좋아하면 울리는 시즌 2)


Genre : Comedy, Romance, Drama 

Starring : Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram, Song Kang

Aired : March 12, 2021

Episodes : 6




Longing for resounding proof of her feelings, Jojo sets out to uninstall the shield and make the app ring for her one true love.



upcoming korean dramas march


8. Writing Your Fate (당신의 운명을 쓰고있습니다)


Genre : Fantasy, Romance

Starring : Ki Do Hoon, Jun So Ni, Park Sang Nam

Aired : March 26, 2021 –– TBA

Episodes : TBA




The drama is about a god of fate who writes out a human’s life and the human who lives out that life. Ki Do Hoon will play Shin Ho Yoon, the god of fate, while Jeon So Nee will play drama screenwriter Go Che Kyung.


upcoming korean dramas march


9. Summer Guys (썸머가이즈)


Genre : Romance, Youth, Drama

Starring : Lee Jung Shin, Kang Mi Na, Im Na Young

Aired : March 30, 2021 –– April 28, 2021

Episodes : 10




A hot youth drama about four young men and women with different personalities aimed at reviving an old cocktail bar on the beach.






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