Korean Drama Quotes Galore : Run On (런온)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore : Run On (런온)


The infamous Korean drama, Run On (런온) has been so popular and well-loved by viewers around the world. Today, I am whipping up a post on some of fan-favorite quotes from Run On (런온) that I think you guys will love.

I know I am very, very, very late to this party, but worry not, your girl is here now and ready to serve you with quotes from your beloved kdrama show, Run On.




Feel free to press play:


When you run, you don’t think about what’s behind you. The only thing that matters is what’s right in front of you. Normally, it’s the finish line.

But today, it was you.



런온 run on quotes



Nothing you do makes me hate you. I just keep liking you. That being said, it’s still my choice to keep liking you. 


“Can you…like me?”



런온 run on quotes



“Don’t disappear. Be with me forever.”



“I won’t. I’ll be with you forever.”





Love is crazy. Romance is crazy.


My homework’s due tomorrow. 





“Who do you belong to?”






“Then I’m yours too.”



“No, you can be yours.”



“Just put up with it.”



런온 run on quotes



Your affection for me gives me meaning and value. But I wasn’t sure if you had feelings for me the same way I do about you. I wonder if you also want to hold my hand, hug me and kiss me. I wasn’t quite sure of that, because I do. 


I can read you like a book now because you love me.





Back then, I didn’t know that my choices would end up hurting me forever.

I’ve never really been sick of living like this.

Because I wasn’t interested even though it was my life.





“I’ve always believed I was alone in this world, but that wasn’t the case most of the time. Although you’re not actually family.”



“You don’t have to be legally bound to be considered family. Or be related by blood for that matter.”


A home is where you come back to. If you don’t have one, why not get yourself something similar instead? That’s what I did. A place I can come back to. 


Why do I suddenly feel like I could do anything? That’s usually not the case, but I feel like I can this time.





“What if I lost sight of you?”


“Then I’ll wait until you come around.”





“This short distance between us. Blink your eyes.”



“What is it?”



“I can feel the love in your eyes.”



kdrama run on quotes



How about a kiss to lighten the mood?


I’ll become that person. I’ll be the one to help you, if you put your trust in me.





Of all the things I’ve loved, why have I never loved myself?





“I’ve…never been stubborn about anything. So I don’t know how to do it. But can you not teach me?”



“Not teach you what?”



“How to break up.”



kdrama run on quotes



Because at least you hate me. It’s better than being treated as if I am invisible. It also takes effort to hate someone. 





“When was your first love?”


“It hasn’t happened for me yet.”





I’ll treat your well. I’m going to spoil you. 



kdrama run on quotes



“Do you know what people call this kind of stuff?”



“A date.”



“No. A business dinner.”


Why are you flirting with me? Keep this up and I might make a mistake. 



kdrama run on quotes



Maintaining your pace is very important when running. You can slow down if you’re struggling. Just don’t give up. You can do that as an adult, right?





“How would you know something I don’t?”





“You keep making time to see me.

You’re doing that… because you can’t control your heart.”




“That’s how most hearts are like.”





“This is a barbecue. I want my painting.”



“In my heart.”



“Are you willing to take it out from there?”



“This is the only thing I have in my heart though.”



korean drama run on quotes



“Why are you smiling?”



“I have the habit of smiling and being friendly.”



“You should fix that. You could grow on me.”


Even if what you did to comfort me was for show, it still meant something to me.



korean drama run on quotes



No more keeping score, now I just keep you warm. No more tug of war, now I just know there’s more and my waves meet your shore ever and evermore. 





It’s not like you’ll show anyone. It’s for yourself. A diary is something private.

People write it for themselves. Who are you trying to impress?





“We’ll probably never fully understand each other, right?”



“Yes. We’re different after all. You have your world, and I have mine. But we could align our worlds next to each other, couldn’t we? So let’s not be disappointed even if we can’t understand each other. That’s impossible to do. Instead, we’ll stick to whatever’s possible.”



“Have I… ever told you that I love you? I think this is the right time.”



“The time to say “I love you”?”



“I love you.”



korean drama run on quotes



This is coming from someone who has seen all sorts of movies. Happy endings are just a fantasy and an illusion created by civilization. How can it be real when it doesn’t even exist? How would you define it anyway? Is it living a long and happy life? You’re born into this world alone and will die the same way. Let’s say you have a soulmate. But you’re separated the moment you die. That’s why it’s an illusion. The only person you’ll meet in heaven is Keanu Reeves.





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