Erotica Book Review: Crime Lord Series (Book #1 –– #4.5) By Mia Knight

Erotica Book Review: Crime Lord Series (Book #1 –– #4.5) By Mia Knight


Crime Lord’s Series by Mia Knight follows Lyla Dalton, who three years ago fled from the glittering lights of Las Vegas, and the ruthless man who rules the criminal underworld, Gavin Pyre. She created a new identity and has been living a quiet life, but that’s at an end. He’s found her and is bringing her back to where she belongs.

As Lyla navigates through the dark secrets of her past, she’s forced to face a man who won’t accept no for an answer from the woman he still claims as his.

“Come to me, Lyla, and I’ll let your father live.”




A Sneak Peek Into “Crime Lord’s Captive


Lyla lay against a warm chest. She looked up at Jonathan who wore an unusually somber expression. They were in bed in their apartment. Sunlight poured through the window, but the apartment was curiously silent and muted. She sat up and brushed a hand through his short-cropped hair. Something niggled at the back of her mind, but she pushed it away so she could focus on him.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Why didn’t you tell me about him?” Jonathan asked.

Lyla retracted her hand. She had no doubt who Jonathan was referring to. “How did you find out?”

“He called. He says he wants you back.”

Lyla tried to move off the bed, but Jonathan gathered her into his arms. She was surprised by his strength as he lay down and settled her beside him.

“Do you want to go back to him?” Jonathan asked gently.

“No!” she whispered, clutching fistfuls of his shirt. “Please don’t make me.”

“You want to stay with me?”


“Then we’ll figure this out,” Jonathan said.

She relaxed fractionally, wanting to believe him. “We can?”

“I have connections,” Jonathan said and brushed her hair back from her face. “I’ll do anything for you, Lyla.”

Her heart swelled. Jonathan, her gentle knight. She was safe with him.

Lyla’s hands went to his chest. She needed him. She was so damn cold. Desperate to feel his hot skin against hers, she ripped the front of his shirt and heard buttons bounce across the floor.

“Lyla,” he began, but she covered her mouth with his.

She had never been so hungry or desperate for touch and comfort. She tore off her clothes and plastered her naked chest to his. She moaned at the contact even as he ripped her underwear. She felt the snap of fabric on her inner thighs and then cool air a moment before his fingers pressed into her. Even as his aggression made her hot, something about it struck her as odd, but she couldn’t think with the inferno between them. She kissed him, drinking from his lips to wash away the taste of fear. His fingers burrowed into her channel, making her dizzy with need.



crime lord's series review



Jonathan suddenly pinned her beneath him. He spread her thighs and pressed the head of his cock over her slick lips.

“Do you want me, Lyla?” he rasped.

“More than anything,” she said, reaching for him, needing him inside of her. She needed Jonathan to claim her, to make her believe she was his and no one else’s.

“Lyla,” he moaned a second before he slid inside of her.

The burn of pleasure rocketed through her. She paused to savor the moment. Here, something was different as well, but she couldn’t think when she was so full of him and his mouth devoured hers. He was dominant and animalistic, taking her as he never had before. Pleasure burst through her, eclipsing fear and replacing it with ecstasy.

“Do you belong to me?” he asked.

Lyla tossed her head back as he sped up his thrusts. He was going deeper than he ever had, as if he could sense her desperation and need. Instead of his usual gentleness there was an edge of violence to his lovemaking that made her wild.




“I found out no one took you and you weren’t just okay, you were doing fucking fine without me. I hated that. That you could live without me, that you moved on.


I hate it because I can’t be without you.”




“Lyla, promise me.”

“Promise what?” She was having a hard time concentrating. Why did he want to talk now? She was so close—

He stopped moving. “Promise you won’t leave me again.”

“I never left you,” Lyla said and rocked against him, desperate for relief.

“You did,” he growled.

Lyla’s breath stalled in her throat as a sliver of fear cut through the ecstasy. She tried to push away, but he kept her in place with heavy, deliberate thrusts that made her moan through clenched teeth.

“You’ll never leave me again,” he decreed.

Lyla opened her mouth to argue, but the climax hit so hard and fast that she wasn’t prepared for it. She let out a high-pitched scream as he pounded into her. Jonathan’s face began to distort. Even as Lyla reached up and raked her nails along Jonathan’s back, she realized it was too broad and muscled. Confusion and panic clouded her mind. She blinked furiously as the orgasm faded and reality smacked her in the face.



crime lord's series review



“No!” Lyla screamed and tried to get away, but she was pinned beneath a solid body that definitely wasn’t Jonathan’s.

“I missed you so much,” Gavin said and brushed kisses over her face, even as she tried to avoid his mouth. Gavin’s face darkened and he planted himself to the hilt. “You’re mine,” Gavin hissed a moment before he climaxed, flooding her with his sperm.

She dreamed of escaping him, only to wake and find him fucking her. Lyla began to shake uncontrollably as he hovered over her, not saying a word. His familiar cologne wreathed her senses and made her stomach lurch.




3 Words to Describe this Book








Gosh, you have no idea how much I missed reading books like these. Having been on the non-fiction bender for the past year––well, technically I haven’t exactly gotten off the non-fiction novel train yet––it’s really nice sometimes to just be able to turn off my brain and read for fun instead of for knowledge. 

Previously, I was planning on reading A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas, but after seeing that that book alone is a 700 pages giant block of brick, I changed my mind. No offense to SJM and her fans out there––I love some of her books as well––but after a whole year of reading about mass murders, books on sciences, and questioning the meaning of life, 700 pages is too much of a commitment for me to embark on. 

So in the end, after long and serious consideration, your girl decided that she’d like to blaze through Crime Lord Series by Mia Knight and a few weeks later, here we are. 





If you’re going into this series expecting something out of the ordinary, or wanting to be impressed out of your socks, I must inform you right now that you will be sorely disappointed. If however, you are looking for a steamy series to read through while using a minimal amount of brainpower, then you, my friend, have arrived at the right place. 

The main male character, Gavin, owns the Strip in Las Vegas on top of that, he’s also the leader of the underworld. So anything to do with killing, making people disappear, collecting debts, hunting people, you know the drill. As far as being a male goes, many people would say that he’s pretty up there in terms of his “alphaness”. People don’t cross him, he’s rolling in dough, has a traumatizing childhood, and is madly in love with our heroine. Does this sound familiar? Yes? Well because that’s how 75% of erotica romance novels are written. 



crime lord's captive mia knight



And then we have our heroine, Lyla. She used to be naive, innocent, and head over heels in love with Gavin. He was her first everything. However, everything goes to shit when she saw him cheating on her one day and she decided to leave Gavin once and for all. Now, it’s been 3 years since she last saw Gavin, Lyla has built a life for herself––a normal, boring life. But of course, knowing Gavin and his bullheadedness, he wouldn’t just let her go. Of course, he would hunt her down and blackmail her to return to him. And of course, he would win. As alpha males do in novels.

Because isn’t that the whole point of being a dark and broody alpha male? Plus, we as readers wouldn’t have gotten as many delectable sex scenes if both the hero and the heroine didn’t get back together as soon as possible, no? Isn’t that why we read erotica novels? For the sex? 

Oh, wait, just me?





To be quite honest with you, I wasn’t exactly head over heels for this book––if you can’t already tell from the previous section that was dripping with sarcasm. Don’t get me wrong, I devoured this book like my life is ending tomorrow, but the reason why wasn’t because Crime Lord Series by Mia Knight was so amazing storyline-wise that I wasn’t able to put it down. It was more along the lines of “I really loved reading the sex scenes, so I’ll keep reading for them.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, folks. 

Personally, I had a hard time warming up to any of the characters in the book. Be it Gavin, Lyla, or any of the side characters. All of them seem very one-dimensional for me and the lack of depth in those characters definitely shows. 




“You’re insane,” she whispered.



He shrugged. “Where you’re concerned, I don’t act rationally.”




I think Gavin is one of those book characters that seems hot if you only read about him, but if you encounter him in real life, you’d probably call the police on him. Yes, he has the money and looks, but his personality seriously leaves little to be desired. Gavin is controlling––to the point where it is suffocating, possessive, and ruthless. Again, in principle, this sounds like the man of a lot of people’s dreams. To be swept off their feet by a man who seems to have it all, only have eyes for them, have been through shit in the past, and would do anything to get to the woman of his dream. 



crime lord's captive mia knight



But the thing with Gavin is, he is always too much. There is no line he wouldn’t cross, nothing he wouldn’t kill if that means him getting what he wanted. I enjoyed reading him in the first book, but that feeling slowly lessens as I continue on through the series and homeboy just gets more and more lunatic and demanding. Like I said though, some people might crave a man like this and since this is fiction I won’t get too critical about it. But Gavin’s character progression throughout the series leaves little to be desired if we’re to be perfectly honest here. 





Lyla is, well. Lyla. She has grown and changed a lot throughout the series, I personally think with her the change is the most palpable. She went from a meek woman to someone who is strong, capable, and has a backbone. Although for the most part she always losses when she’s arguing against Gavin, I still really liked the fact that she didn’t give up no matter how many times she failed. 



crime lord's series



Other than the fact that she is in a relationship with an uncertified psycho, Lyla is pretty bland as a character. Yes, she has changed a lot, and by the end of book 3/book 4.5 is better equipped on how to handle Gavin compared to where we first started, she’s as bland as characters go. It is understandable––given the life that Gavin leads and his need to have her surveilled 24/7 to keep her safe––but I still find it a tad bit sad that her whole life revolves around Gavin. 




“I never told you that I would die for you, that I adore everything about you. I can’t get enough of you. I never will.” His voice was strong and sure. “I’m fucking greedy when it comes to you. I don’t want anything between us.”




The girl doesn’t exactly have any real friends other than her cousin, and a few other Gavin’s employees. She lives inside the Gavin bubble and while she fights back a couple of times, at the end of the day seems perfectly content living life that way. Again, it is understandable given the cards the couple has been dealt with throughout the series, and once upon a time, I would have thought that it was romantic too. Spending time in a bubble with your significant other forever despite now understanding how toxic this kind of relationship is. But again, I went into Crime Lord Series knowing it’s a work of fiction, therefore I will take it as such and shall not criticize it in a too logical manner. 





Ah yes. Sex. It is from where all of us were created. Which Crime Lord Series has, in abundance. It is also the main reason why I managed to blaze through the whole series in under a week’s time––if only I go through my non-fiction books with such speed too. 



crime lord's series



Seriously though, name it and you shall have it. Loving sex, kinky sex, rough sex, bondage sex. Mia Knight has outdone herself with the sex scenes in this series. Also, I think I have used up my “sex” word quota for the rest of the month, the previous sentence might as well be me repeating the word sex 10 times. 

Anyways, as I mentioned before, if you’re looking for a book where you can just switch off your brain and be horny for the next few hours, Crime Lord Series is definitely up your alley. 




The Verdict


Would I recommend this series if you already have other series lined up that you’d want to read? No. However, if you are bored with nothing to do and would like a quick entertaining read, then this series might be for you. 

A word of warning before you jump into this series––if you decided to do so––there are a lot of things in this book that might be triggering for some. Gavin as a character is ruthless, both in bed, at work, and with Lyla. He is a very strong character and drives the storyline forward with his actions. There were many a time where I didn’t agree with how he dealt with things, especially when it comes to Lyla. And I think one thing that Mia Knight failed to execute in Crime Lord Series is to make Gavin into someone who is more reachable and relatable to the readers. There were many times where I––like Lyla––wondered why he does the things he did, but just like Lyla, sometimes we were given little to no explanation as to why and just have to accept it at face value. 

Mia Knight in her efforts to make Gavin more likable also tried to write a few chapters in Gavin’s POV. But I think Mia is too close to the picture and wanted to maintain that asshole-ish, I-don’t-give-a-shit aura that Gavin gives off even in his chapters that he comes out as a true asshole. I don’t know about other readers, but for me, it just hits differently if it’s just in the act and if he’s really thinking about it, you get what I mean?

Overall, Crime Lord Series is a great book if you’re just looking to burn some time with a light read as it is definitely a series that you can devour quite quickly since none of the books are too long. Give it a try if you’re looking for something steamy and sexy, but if you’re looking for a book with substance and a real plot, this series by Mia Knight might not be for you. 




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