Korean Drama Quotes Galore: My Mister (나의 아저씨)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore: My Mister (나의 아저씨)


Recently I started watching a Korean drama called My Mister (나의 아저씨), and boy oh boy is it great. I absolutely loved every second of it. Your girl love it so much that she is over here putting together a post on all the memorable quotes from My Mister.

To be honest though, the acting, the storyline and the characters are all so freaking immaculate and well written. I didn’t think I’d be pulled into My Mister as much as I did since I’m a big fan of romances in Kdramas. But I’ll be damned if I don’t adore this drama with my whole heart. I can’t say I regret not watching it any sooner, but for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure to, definitely do give My Mister a try. 

You won’t regret it, I promise. Absolutely one bangin’ show and IU‘s acting is on another level too on this drama, seriously love that girl to death. 


My Mister 나의 아저씨 quotes



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Kids who’ve gone through pain, grow up too fast.


I am so sick of this world…filled with people who act like they’re amazing. I…am not good at anything…I feel like I want to die.



My Mister 나의 아저씨 quotes



It’s difficult to be around a person who saw you so vulnerable. 





When you feel like you want to die…don’t die.

You’re a decent person. Hang in there. 





I can’t die tonight. I’m not wearing expensive underwear. 



My Mister 나의 아저씨 quotes



If you’re still able to do laundry, it means that you’re still sober. If you can wash the clothes that you wore that day…that means you’re still okay. I washed them. I…finished my daily task for the day. I am not completely gone. I am living just fine. 


“What kind of job have you had?”



“This and that. Anything that makes me money.”



kdrama My Mister 나의 아저씨 quotes



All humans are bound to see things that they desire. They end up searching for the things that they want to see within themselves in the outside world. If your heart is good then you won’t see a single thing that you hate in this world.


“What’s the worst thing that you’ve killed?”



“A person.”



“Sorry for trying to make small talk.”


“I am sad.”






“I am sad…because she knows who I am.”



kdrama My Mister 나의 아저씨 quotes



If you have someone to meet up with for New Year’s and Thanksgiving, then you’ve done all the “homework” you have to do in your lifetime. 





“He’s the one who gave you the job there, right?

Does he know…that you’re a murderer?”


“Do you know…that I am a murderer?”





“I told you that I really hate it when people intrude on my personal space.”



“What else? Tell me. The things you don’t like, I mean.”



“Trying to make me talk when I’m eating.”



“Alright. I will do only those things.”



kdrama My Mister quotes

kdrama My Mister quotes



Reality is hell. Do you think this is heaven?


The funny thing is when I’m in a bind, the scars that I want to hide the most end up becoming my greatest weapon. 





I hate waking up in the morning. I want to disappear. 





As soon as you cheated on me with him, you pronounced me dead! Because you thought it was okay for me to be treated that way. That was you saying I’m worthless and I should just die.



kdrama My Mister quotes



“Do you seriously think that you feel more miserable than me right now? You’ll only feel better if I trash this place won’t you?”



“And then I want you to cry a ton! With snot and tears running down your face! And the fact that you’re not…breaks my heart. Seeing that how you’re unable to express your emotions…breaks my heart.”


Remember what father always used to say?

“It’s not a big deal.”

There isn’t anyone to say to me. And that’s why I say to myself…It’s not a big deal. What happened in the past, it’s no big deal. If you think that it’s no big deal, then it’s no big deal. 





When the sun begins to rise––tadak, tadak––people’s footsteps. Hearing that sound from underneath my covers… is so unimaginably lonely. The feeling that I am the only one not rolling forward. 





I liked…all the sounds you made, Mister. And all your words, and thoughts, and the sound of your footsteps, all of it. It felt as if…I saw what a human being was for the first time. 



korean drama My Mister iu quotes



“How could someone as young as you feel so sorry for an adult like me? That breaks my heart that it’s too much for me to bear.”



“Watch and see just how happily I live my life.”


“Everyone struggles for their whole life trying to have things. So they live their entire lives trying to prove themselves to everyone. But nobody truly knows what they are gaining by doing that.”



korean drama iu quotes



It is easy for people who have money to become good people. 





Oh, if I happen to think of them…

I stay up all night because I have a person I miss

If I stop to think about it, it’s a very distant place…

And it drenches this lonely heart of mine with tears. 





Family are the people you want to shove into the trash when no one’s looking. 


The mere fact that there is someone cheering me on like that…helps me breathe. 


You’re a good person. Really.





When you have not a single shred of hate left in your heart…

When you love others without any hesitations whatsoever…

That’s how I can go back to my beautiful home among the stars which I miss dearly.





I want to try living my life as a different person. I want to go to a place where nobody knows me and live as if I have no history at all.



my mister quotes



If you take the time to think about it, each and every interpersonal relationship is quite fascinating and precious. You must repay them. Live a happy life. That’s how you can repay the people in your life.


“If I run into you by accident, will we greet each other and act like we’re happy to see one another?”








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