Korean Drama Quotes Galore: The Penthouse (펜트하우스)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore: The Penthouse (펜트하우스)


If you haven’t heard of the Korean drama Penthouse (펜트하우스), let me tell you, boys and girls, you are missing out-–big time.

The Korean drama Penthouse has been blowing up just about everywhere lately. And it is one of the few Kdramas that got renewed to a season 2––which should give you a little bit of an image about how popular the show was. Season 2 ended recently on April 2021, and your girl knows that she is late into the game––but again, when is she not, right? At this point, me being fashionably late into trends shouldn’t even be a surprise anymore if you have been following my blog for long enough. 

With that said, as per usual with how we roll on this blog, your girl is going to serve you all of the explosive and mind-blowing quotes from the widely loved Kdrama Penthouse (펜트하우스). Enjoy. 



You can’t see it, but underneath my sunglasses I’m rolling my eyes. 



The Penthouse 펜트하우스



The most useless and easy thing in this world is a man’s heart. Don’t trust men too much. 


I’ll let you live here even if I will have to sell half of my heart. The house you live in is your personality and the world you are involved in.





Is there a sin only when there is evidence?





How can a scumbag like you still be alive? I am baffled by the unfairness of it all. 



The Penthouse 펜트하우스



“Give up on your paternal rights.”


“What? Give up on paternal rights?”


“From now on, our mother will be our only guardian. We’re here to apply for usurpation of your paternal rights. You can talk to our lawyer about the rest of the process.”


“Who says you can do that? You think anyone will take you seriously without me? I’m not giving a single penny to either of you.”


“Do you even have money? I hear the penthouse is already mom’s now.”



The Penthouse 펜트하우스



When did my son grow so big? You think you can stay on your high horse and deny the blood that flows in you? Even if the sky were to split into two, you’re my kids. If I’m evil, you’re a son of an evil man. If I’m a snake, you’re a baby snake.


“Did I teach you to be so rude at the table?”


“I didn’t learn anything from you.”



The Penthouse 펜트하우스



You grew up without a dad, so you wouldn’t know how it feels like to be protected by one. 





Life is about timing.





You must protect your child no matter what your child did. Because you’re mother.


All I did was work hard and live hard. I just tried hard like crazy. 


The world only listens to powerful people.



penthouse korean drama quotes



There is always some regrets in life. Living is just like… enduring the loss of what you didn’t choose.


If you commit a sin, it is natural to be punished.





Talent? I don’t need anything like that.

Money is a talent and connections is a talent.





“I hate you.”



“I am sorry it took me so long.”



“I hate you.”



“How have you been? I am sorry.”



penthouse korean drama quotes



I wanted to make he happy. I should have protected her no matter what. I was such a fool. I can’t forgive myself.


“I had multiple brain surgeries. They said it’s a miracle that I’m alive and able to speak.”



“I see. This is really great. I thought you were dead.”



penthouse korean drama quotes



How he’s managed to sneak past those walls of mine, I still haven’t grasped. I’m not even sure he resolved to crumble them in the first place. Somehow, in a vulnerable moment that I’ll never be sure was pure chance, we found each other and couldn’t bring ourselves to let go.





“What’s going on? Why is she acting like they’re best friends?

Since when were they friends?”



“Since now.”




“After our revenge…what if I won’t let you go? Will you stay with me?”


“I won’t let you go…even if you try to run away.”



penthouse korean drama quotes



Nothing matters to me, except protecting you. 


I will wait for you.





“Did you ever think about me?”





“May you be a beautiful song in paradise where there is no sadness.”





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