Manhwa Quotes Galore : Painter of the Night (야화첩) by Byeonduck

Manhwa Quotes Galore : Painter of the Night (야화첩) by Byeonduck


Girls, boys, and bananas. If I may have your attention, please. Recently I started reading Painter of the Night (야화첩) by Byeonduck and your girl is in love

I don’t exactly know when I went down this manga road, but I have no regrets. These days, your girl has been reading a lot of mangas, yaoi genre mangas to be specific. I believe I must have gone through at least 20-30 mangas before I stumbled onto Painter of the Night and let me tell you, this thing is a damn masterpiece. 

The manhwa itself is still ongoing for those who prefer to wait until all the chapters are out before starting, but for those who are okay with waiting, you can read it here to support the artist. Oh, and of course, this manhwa is NSFW. 



Feel free to press play:

(Credit: Mr. Acoustic)


You asked me why I’ve become so obedient. When our eyes meet, my lord…my heart starts racing and my body feels hot. I think about you coming inside me, deep inside. And then, despite myself…when you lick my body, bite me, kiss me…I also feel good. 



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It is beyond me that you continue to think of him even though he called you a whore. 


“Have you ever…embraced another man?”





Am I anxious? Am I scared? Why does it feels like I have butterflies inside? 




We are just two naked bodies, there is no need for us to share what’s on our minds.


“Today, when a certain person confessed he adored me…I briefly wished it had been you who said those words. The thought still lingers like a dream.”



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“I brought you here as a new plaything, that’s all…but whenever I see your face, I cannot contain myself. Love? Absurd…It makes no sense and yet, because the way you look at him is not the way you look at me, I am filled with rage.”





Should I just get rid of it all?

If I killed them all and myself, it would be easier. 





“Now claw at me, push me away. Act as if you despise me, I like it when you do that.”


“I may have a reputation for promiscuity, but that doesn’t mean I’d ever embrace a peasant.”


You adore him and yet you want nothing from him? Foolish indeed.



painter of the night quotes



Even if your feelings are true, they cannot be acted on. You mustn’t fall for this man, you must abandon such feelings at once. 


I crave being held so much…



painter of the night quotes



You have mistaken your pounding heart for feelings of love. He is a violent, arrogant fiend. 





I promise not to frighten you any longer. Do not push me away.

That is all I will ask of you. 





The day you came into my arms, thinking I was Jung In-hun, when you clung so desperately to me and confessed your love, looking an absolute wreck, all I wanted then was to mock you for it. Yet why is that…your appearance and expression in that moment continue to haunt me?


I won’t weep over you, my lord. Not even if I were to die. 


I am the one who has become a wreck. You have made a wreck of me. 



painter of the night quotes



“What am I trying to do here? It seems you inevitably burst into tears whenever you are with me.”


Things were easier when I was able to lose myself in debauchery…how did this happen?



painter of the night



“When I discovered you were gone, a thousand thoughts swept through my mind until sunrise. Did something I said in the heat of the moment compel you to run? Were you laughing, thinking you had finally escaped, when I looked out at the snow dumbfounded?”


I was foolish. I had no idea you were such a conniving creature. I was foolish for letting down my guard, simply because you said you had waited for me. I was foolish also for disclosing how I felt. All of this is the result of my own folly. 


You were right. We are merely two naked bodies. We need not be more. 





While passion ignites the fire, tenderness is the cool wind that calmly keeps the embers from fading out.





“How do you spend your nights, my lord? I worry that you’re not sleeping well, my lord.”



“Perhaps I have been waiting for your all these nights.”


My lord…do you have feelings for me?



painter of the night



The night is long, lord Na-kyum. 




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