Netflix Animated Show: Love Death + Robots S2 –– A Short Review

Netflix Animated Show: Love Death + Robots S2 –– A Short Review


Love Death + Robots is an animated series that consists of stand-alone episodes, all under 20 minutes long, and produced by different casts and crews, though some episodes may share certain crew members. The series title refers to each episode’s thematic connection to the three aforementioned subjects, though not every episode contains all three elements.




An Extremely Short Review


To be honest, I feel like Love Death + Robots season 2 doesn’t really need a whole post for me to get my feeling and thoughts about this show across. I think one sentence would suffice, and it’s this: Love Death + Robots season 2 was boring and quite disappointing. 

If you are only looking to know what I think about season 2, the above sentence is it. From here on, I am just going to go into a little bit of detail as to why. There will be nothing else of substance about the review of Love Death + Robots S2 from here onwards. 

Truthfully, I am very glad that I watched season 1 a few months ago, so the wait for me wasn’t too long. I cannot––and don’t even want to even try to––imagine my level of disappointment in this series if I watched season 1 as soon as it came out and waited 2 long years for this. Don’t get me wrong, season 2 is still a good watch, the animations were all very pretty, but each one of the episodes was just too saccharine-sweet for me. 

I was expecting gore, mind-bending endings, and jaw-dropping plot twists, but none of those came. It was so disheartening to see the creators decided to take the safe way out instead of experimenting with more polarizing plotlines. 

Will I still be watching season 3? Yes, as I like to give everything and everyone the benefit of the doubt. And it has been confirmed for season 3 too by Netflix. Perhaps this time around, it was the COVID getting to the creators and animators. Who knows. I shall go rewatch season 1 to cleanse my soul of this disappointment. While I do that, please do enjoy some of the fun quotes that I picked up while watching season 2 of Love Death + Robots. 



Love Death + Robots S2 Quotes


Look into their cold, animal eyes and tell me they wouldn’t sacrifice you.



love death + robots 2



I’ve seen…too much. But she makes everything new. 


What would have happened, if we weren’t…good?


He was still alive for me…more alive than many of the people around me.


love death + robots 2


Sometimes…six hits. 





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