Quotes Galore: The Girl in the Tower (Winternight Trilogy #2) By Katherine Arden

Quotes Galore: The Girl in the Tower (Winternight Trilogy #2) By Katherine Arden


We are back again with another post on The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden. This time around, I will be serving you my favorite quotes from The Girl in the Tower.

To be quite honest with you, this book took me a while to get through––a good few weeks, I believe. Not quite sure why, as the plotline itself was very unique and is definitely new. However, the pace of the storytelling could be a bit slow at times, and personally, there just wasn’t enough pull towards the protagonist that makes me want to know more about her. Vasya––while a very interesting young woman––was written in a very one-dimensional way. The only time where things get more layered and textured is when Morozko enters the scene, but he is only in 20% of the book.

Despite that though, I believe for a YA novel The Winternight Trilogy really does bring something new to the table. Especially in this second book of the trilogy, The Girl in the Tower, it really shows how much Vasya had changed and how she had grown into an independent young woman from a scaredy-cat that she was in the first book. Not only great character development and smexy Morozko, stumbling upon quote-worthy sentences every few pages with this series was definitely icing on top.




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“Why do you think I am here?” Vasya managed, stung into speech. “I could not stay home. ‘Witch-woman,’ the people whispered. There are those who would burn me if they could. Father—” Her voice wavered. “Father is not there to check them.”



“Such a sad story,” the frost-demon replied, unmoved. “I have seen ten thousand sadder, yet you are the only one to come stumbling to my doorstep because of it.” He bent nearer. The firelight beat on his pale face. “Do you mean to stay with me now? Is that it? Be a snow-maiden in this forest that never changes?”


I was afraid when I left home, and I wanted you.



girl in the tower quotes



“Spring is like a maiden, old and eternally young. Her strong limbs were twined with flowers.”





“You are made of snow,” Morozko the frost-demon warned her, when she met him in the forest. “You cannot love and be immortal.”





“She is herself. Doom and blessing both, and it is for God to judge her.”


“Why should I be always cold?” she retorted. “You are an old cold thing, but I am a mortal girl now; I will learn about this new thing, this fire.”



“Better to stay in the shade,” was the only reply.



girl in the tower quotes



“Some say that the spirit of Snegurochka stayed in the forest,” Olga continued. “That when the snow fell, she came alive again, to love her shepherd-boy in the long nights.”


Olga paused again.


“But some say she died,” she said sadly. “For that is the price of loving.”





Strange man, worn and kind, with his soul honed to steel.




“I carve things of wood because things made by effort are more real than things made by wishing.”


You cannot take vengeance on a whole people because of the doings of a few wicked men.


I will see the world beyond this forest, and I will not count the cost.


If you start being afraid of him, you will never stop.



winternight trilogy quotes



Many people say ‘Better to die’ until the time comes to do it.





I did not know I was lonely, she thought, until I was no longer alone.





“What would I do in this house in the fir-grove? I am going away. That is why I left home—I am going far away. Solovey will take me to the ends of the earth. I will see palaces and cities and rivers in summer, and I will look at the sun on the sea.”



“What are you doing here, then?” His pointed glance took in the shadows near the ceiling, the vast bed heaped like a snowdrift, the Russian oven, the hangings on the walls, the carven table. “I see no palaces and no cities, and certainly not the sun on the sea.”


I am a demon and a nightmare; I die every spring, and I will live forever.



winternight trilogy quotes



“Things are or they are not, Vasya,” he interrupted. “If you want something, it means you do not have it, it means that you do not believe it is there, which means it will never be there. The fire is or it is not. That which you call magic is simply not allowing the world to be other than as you will it.”





The breath hitched in his throat. His hand caught hers, but he did not untangle her fingers. “Why are you here?” she asked him.



For a moment she thought he would not answer, then he said, as though reluctant, “I heard you cry.”





“I did not know I was to be outdone by a little magic boy and his tricks,” he said. “I salute you, magician.” He swept her a bow from horseback.


Vasya did not return the bow. “To small minds,” she told him, spine very straight, “any skill must look like sorcery.”



winternight trilogy quotes



“Has the world run dry of warriors?” She asked. “All out of brave lords? Are they sending out maidens these days to do the work of heroes?”



“There were no heroes,” said Vasya between her teeth. “There was only me.”





“The more one knows, the sooner one grows old.”





Sasha looked at his sister. He had never thought of her as girlish, but the last trace of softness was gone. The quick brain, the strong limbs were there: fiercely, almost defiantly present, though concealed beneath her encumbering dress. She was more feminine than she had ever been, and less. Witch. The word drifted across his mind. We call such women so, because we have no other name.


“I am not a dog,” she snapped. “You may tell me to go home, but I may choose not to. Do you think that is all I want, in all my life—a royal dowry, and a man to force his children into me?”


“You are talking like a child. Do you think that anyone, in all this world of yours, cares what you want? Even princes do not have what they want, and neither do maidens. There is no life for you on the road, nothing but death, soon or late.”


“Stay in the forest. That is safest. Avoid the dwellings of men, and keep your fires small. If you speak to anyone, say you are a boy. The world is not kind to girls alone.”



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“Will you ride with me, a little way?” Her question came out in a rush, and she regretted it as soon as she voiced it.



“Ride at your side, nurse you with pap, and keep the snow off at night?” he asked, sounding amused. “No. Even if I had not other things to do, I would not. Go out into the world, traveler. See what the long nights and hard days feel like, after a week of them.”



“Perhaps I will like them,” Vasya retorted, with spirit.



“I sincerely hope not.”





“The glutton cannot turn his mind to God,” he said dismissively.

“But neither can the starving man.”





With that sapphire, he bound your strength to him, but the magic did what he did not intend; it made him strong but also pulled him closer and closer to mortality, so that he was hungry for life, more than a man and less a demon. So that he loved you, and did not know what to do.





Vasilisa Petrovna, murderer, savior, lost child. 





“But yes,” he said wearily. “As I could, I loved you. Now, will you go? Live.”



“I, too,” she said. “In a childish way, as girls love heroes that come in the night, I loved you.”





Every time you take one path, you must live with the memory of the other: of a life left unchosen. Decide as seems best, one course or the other; each way will have its bitter with its sweet.





“She looked up at Morozko, face alight. Perhaps he understood her better than she’d thought.”



girl in tower quotes Katherine arden



“Think of me sometimes,” he returned. “When the snowdrops have bloomed and the snow has melted.”





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