Korean Drama Quotes Galore: Doom at Your Service (어느 날 우리 집 현관으로 멸망이 들어왔다)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore: Doom at Your Service (어느 날 우리 집 현관으로 멸망이 들어왔다)


After bingeing Doom at Your Service (어느 날 우리 집 현관으로 멸망이 들어왔다) for one week straight non-stop until my eyes are swollen from it, I think I can officially say that I am head over heels for this drama.

I’m not quite sure what is up with your girl lately, but I have been watching Kdramas back to back to back. It’s as if I am on a steamroller train that continues to speed up the more Korean dramas that I watch. Not that I am complaining about it though, more Kdramas means more content for you guys as well.

But yes, if you haven’t had the chance to give Doom at Your Service a try, definitely do. I was not a big fan of Seo In Guk prior to this drama, but now I am a changed woman. Your girl has seen the light. I mean heck, your girl rarely ever put out Korean drama quotes so you know it hits right when I decided to drop everything else to write about a Kdrama.



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“How do I look now?”



“You look comfortable. You don’t look lonely.”



“Right. I’m not lonely. Now I know which direction to walk to. And that’s you.”



어느 날 우리 집 현관으로 멸망이 들어왔다 quotes



“You were never ordinary. From the first time we met up until this very moment. You were always special to me.”


“It isn’t midnight yet. We have a lot of time left.”



“We don’t have a contract like that anymore.”



“Ah, that’s right. We don’t. We can hold hands for no reason whatsoever.”



어느 날 우리 집 현관으로 멸망이 들어왔다 quotes



“Wanna get married to me?”






“We held hands, kissed, and started dating. Isn’t marriage what comes next? People get married when they met someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with don’t they?”





“What’s your deal?”


“I’m your hand holder.”





“I want to live with you, Sun Kyung, my aunt, Ji Na, and everyone else that I have. I really do. I want to live so badly.”



“Me too. Me too, Tak Dong Kyung. I want to be alive…so I can die with you.”


“Does everyone live like this? Being harassed both life and death? As is they’re neither alive nor dead?”



어느 날 우리 집 현관으로 멸망이 들어왔다 quotes



I will take with me, your sadness and pain. Don’t worry, I’ll take everything with me. I was created for you. So don’t worry. Live a happy life. That’s why I was born. I was born to make you happy.


“Make me not love anyone. No one. That’s my wish.”



“I can’t do that. Because I must save you.”



“If you’re not in my life, my life would be worthless to me.”



“No, it will be worth it to me. I might have to live in an empty world after losing you and everyone you love.”



seo in guk quotes



Humans can fall in love again. I don’t eat, sleep or cry. I don’t have compassion or fall in love. You can overcome it, but I can’t. But you’re human. You can do it. 





Remember what I told you last time? Even if it rains and you’re the one without an umbrella, it’s okay. If you run just a little bit, you’ll soon be home. I want you to run when I am gone, don’t look back and just run.  





Standing here with you like this reminds me of that day. The day we went to a world where no one else existed but us and watched the sunset together. I couldn’t forget the look you had on your face for a very long time.



seo in guk quotes



I wonder where you are. I wonder what you’re passing by right now. Perhaps you’ve already come to me. With a completely different face, with a completely different look. As a completely different being. When I think about that, I end up looking carefully at every person’s face that I see. I end up looking into every person’s life that I meet. I wonder “Is that him?” “Is that him?”. If I walk past you, will you take my hand as you always did? Even if it’s only briefly. It’s okay if it’s only for a brief moment. Please hold my hand. Please hold me.





I always thought the darkness was scary and frightening.

But for the first time, I realized that sometimes,

kindness and considerations are dark. 





“I’m sorry.”



“Which one are you apologizing for? For deciding to erase our memories or for falling for my looks again?”



“Both. I’m sorry for everything.”



“No. I’m sorry…for looking so handsome.”


“Let’s always stay together.”






“Let’s never be apart.”









doom at your service Korean drama



Even if I go back in time, I’ll make the same decision. Meeting you, falling in love with you, and walking out here like this. I know, you probably won’t make the same decision. 





I love you. After all, the person I love the most is you.

I’m sorry for loving you… for loving you the most.





Do you know how many stars collapse every second? 7.9 billion. What makes you special? Are you better than those stars?


“So are you saying you’re winter, darkness, and the end of everything?”






“Hey, I like winter. I like the darkness of the night and I like it when things end. If you think about it, spring, morning, and new beginnings also come because of you. It means you’re both responsible for my misery and my hapiness.”





You’re not scared of things you can’t see, such as death or destruction.

But once they become visible. Your fear suddenly becomes real.





“I’ll come back another time.”



“Another time? When?”



“When you want to kiss me again.”



doom at your service quotes



Dying is nothing. What is frightening is not living to the fullest.





Days like this will continue. After you’re gone, spring will arrive.

After you disappear, the morning will come.

And after your life ends, my life will begin.





“Did you realize what it means to have compassion?”



“I don’t know what it is.”



“You smile a lot…and feel bad for her don’t you? Your feelings will grow.”






“Do you think you can let her die?”


Fate is cruel to everyone.



doom at your service quotes



A child must rebel against his or her parents to grow and love must suffer hardship to burn hotter.





Most things that disappear are beautiful.





Every year when spring comes, and every time morning is here…I will think of you throughout my entire life. Will I be able to endure that? How would that kind of life…be any different from doom?


“I love this place. I made a lot of good memories here.”



“Like what? I don’t see any happy memories.”



“It must be because of my illness. I definitely came here with someone. But I can’t remember it.”



doom at your service quotes



I don’t have any regrets. My world changed after getting to know you. 





Let me marry your daughter.

I promise I will make her happy for the rest of her life. 





And she did love him to the point she wanted to destroy the world for him.




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