Quotes Galore: Netflix’s Vincenzo (빈센조) –– Korean Drama Spotlight

Quotes Galore: Netflix’s Vincenzo (빈센조) –– Korean Drama Spotlight


I finished Netflix’s Vincenzo (빈센조) 3 days ago, but your girl is still going full speed on the Vincenzo hype train that shows no sign of slowing down.

Vincenzo definitely lives up to the hype and I am so glad I started this Korean drama after all the episodes are out, because had I started this show as it was airing, I would have been living in constant agony waiting for newer episodes to be released. I never really understood the hype around Song Joong-ki prior to Vincenzo, but after bingeing this show in less than a week, your girl has finally understood how Joong-ki is as famous as he is in South Korea. Cause damn homie, this guy can act. 

I had my doubts about how Song Joong-ki would be able to pull off being a villain given his boyish looks, but your girl stands before you corrected after Vincenzo. Of course, there were some loopholes here and there throughout the drama, but altogether, it is the most entertained I have been in a while watching a Kdrama. That easily made Netflix’s Vincenzo one of my favorite Korean drama to date. I smack-my-butt highly recommend this show.



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War and art are best observed from a distance.





Destiny is not heavy, it is just you are weak. The weaker you are, the heavier your fate.


For love, I will handle your sins. And for justice?

For justice, I will show you mine.



quotes vincenzo



You should remember that freedom comes with a price. 





Love always wakes the dragon


And suddenly


Flames everywhere




“Is he really dead?” 



“Remember what I told you? That when it was time, I would let you throw the hunting dogs that killed your dad to the lion’s den.”





Friends are like one soul in two bodies. 

Don’t get hurt since it’ll hurt me too. 





You just feel like a brother to me. You curse at me, and it’s fine. We play hockey and I feel at ease. And when we’re drinking, it just feels like I’m drinking with a friend. That’s how I feel. 



vincenzo Song Joong ki



And more importantly, I have you. You know everything, keep me safe, and beat up all the bad guys. That’s you. Goodness. Why are you so cool?





When I started this, I knew I had to risk my life at some point. I’ll fight. 


I’ll make a decision I won’t regret. 





“Love has no reason.”



“It should. Everyone pretends there is no reason, but there always is.”



“I prefer love that has no reason.”


If I am indeed a devil, it’s because… of you.


“I had such a blast acting today.”



“Me too. There was even a kissing scene.”



“Right, there was.”



vincenzo Song Joong ki



“I’ve missed you a lot.”



“Me too. You’ve been the only thing on my mind the whole time I was there.”





“Villains don’t deserve to love. Those who harm or hurt others don’t deserve to love. For them, love is nothing but an accessory.”


“Then do you deserve to love?”





“I was scared to death. Why didn’t you answer your phone? That’s what technology is for.”



“I didn’t want to put you in danger. I’m sorry.”



“And what if I am? We’re partners, so we should share the danger.”


The Mafia have their turf, right? Make our plaza your turf. You’re our Corn Salad.



 vincenzo Netflix quotes



All this time we thought we were weak.  But we weren’t weak. We just didn’t try to be strong.


Villains never break up, because they are tenacious…even when they love.





You are the sun. Bright, beautiful, the world needs you. 


I am the moon, constantly chasing you.





Don’t let their social status intimidate you. Be strong and act like you’re their equal.


If I exploit a betrayal within other families, my own family might betray me in the end. 


At times like this, we must find out who their enemies are. Because the enemy of my enemy is a friend.



 vincenzo Netflix quotes



Only evil can punish… Evil.


Smart people may rule the world, but reckless and stubborn people like me protect this world.





Your best source of protection isn’t a gun or a sword. It’s your brain.

Don’t forget that.





“We’re not God. God will punish them, we will only send them to him. ”



 vincenzo quotes



People barely notice newcomers but you will notice a person’s absence.


One day this moment would be nothing but a memory. And you will be grateful for it in ways you never felt possible before. 





They say silence is golden, but a villain’s silence is a warehouse of sins. 





There is only one way humans are born, but there are countless ways to die. I wonder which way would suit you best. 


I can never stand scumbags that stink more than me.



 vincenzo quotes



I hate wasting time as much as I hate uncooked macaroni. 





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