Kdrama Quotes Galore: My Roommate is A Gumiho (간 떨어지는 동거)

Kdrama Quotes Galore: My Roommate is A Gumiho (간 떨어지는 동거)


Yes, your girl is still on the Kdrama bingeing train and while last week it was Vincenzo, this week My Roommate is A Gumiho (간 떨어지는 동거) is taking the stage front and center.

I haven’t watched a lot of fantasy rom-com as usually, I prefer something more serious, but when I saw that the cutie oppa Jang Ki-yong will be starring in this drama, you already know your girl will start watching without second thoughts. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I went into this drama without any prior expectations, but My Roommate is a Gumiho is surprisingly easy to watch, not to mention fun. I find that with most of the romantic comedy shows that I have watched so far, a lot of them started to lose the balance between melodrama and funny midway throughout the show and it ended up turning into something serious or sad.

Kudos to the writers of My Roommate is a Gumiho who managed to keep the vibe happy and fun all through the show while also weaving some tear-jerking moments. I am sure it is no easy feat. And to commemorate the Gumiho crew’s efforts as well as my thanks for making such an enjoyable Kdrama in the midst of everything, your girl would like to present some of my favorite quotes from My Roommate is a Gumiho with this post.






“If I say I want to be your boyfriend, will you let me?”



“No, I won’t.”



“Because I’m a gumiho?”



“Because you’re not my style.”


A reckless and bold confession. Now I think about it, she has always been like this. She never hesitates and she’s daring. Living a thousand years, I have seen, heard, and touched many things, but I have never felt anything. Just like the scenarios out of the window, everything in my life passed by so fast and hazily.



kdrama Gumiho quotes



What has possibly made this girl so bold, clumsy, and true to herself? I found it very silly, yet at the same time very lovely.





“You’re too good for him.”


“I’m not sure about that. I haven’t seen such a nice and ingenuous man in a long time. I meant it when I said he’s too good for me.”





I think you’re cute and really cool. Thinking about you makes me happy. So don’t mind what others say, I’m seeing you because I like you. 



roommate is a Gumiho kdrama



“I was unsure if I could see anyone else after breaking up with her. It felt like I couldn’t trust anyone anymore and I kept losing confidence in myself. I must be the problem.”



“You are not the problem. The problem is the one who doesn’t know how to be loved. Don’t cry. Let’s talk. I’ll badmouth her with you.”


“I like you!”



“I don’t like you. You’re so nice it worries me. You make me too serious, and I hate that. Do you still like me?”



“Yes, I do.”



roommate is a Gumiho kdrama



I forgot how to love. Because I knew in the end, everything was meaningless. I only had shallow relationships that lasted only until it was enjoyable. The superficial and calculative relationship. Having relationships like that, and being loved where I knew what I wanted from it. Eventually, I ended the relationship or the relationship ended me. 





There is always, some madness in love.





I met her, and for the first time, I felt like I fell from the clouds and bumped into reality. I became a significant being to someone. I was no longer a dream that vanishes after a night. I became a part of someone’s everyday life. I had someone to wait for, so time stopped passing by meaninglessly.



jang ki yong quotes



“You shouldn’t smile like that.”



“Why not? Do I look too awful?”



“You’ll look pretty.”


To him, she seemed so beautiful, so seductive, so different from ordinary people that he could not understand why no one was as disturbed as he by the clicking of her heels on the paving stones, why no one’s heart was wild with the breeze stirred by the sighs of her veils, why everyone did not go mad with the movements of her braid, the flight of her hands, the gold of her laughter. He could not understand why anyone wouldn’t fall in love with her.






As Friedrich Nietzche wrote in “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”,

that you like someone means you are misunderstanding that person in your own way. 





It was just a coincidence, and that could have been it. That should have been it. She has her family…her life…her people. Is it fair that I keep her by my side? Just because she makes my life interesting…and less lonely?


I wanted you to go back to your ordinary life. But now, I want to be your ordinary future.


I thought it was nothing. Insincere act of kindness. Meaningless kisses. They were just what I do habitually, so I didn’t think it was anything special. I could have saved her life if I had taken the Marble out and pretended nothing had happened. If I hadn’t hesitated to take the Marble out and erase all the memories. If I hadn’t been afraid of being forgotten by her.



jang ki yong quotes



“How does it feel to live a long life?”



“Nothing. It doesn’t feel like anything.”


Though she’s blinded by love, humans are meant to be with humans. That’s the rule. Which both of you will figure out soon. But if you still believe she’s your destiny who found you after a thousand years…Why don’t you see for yourself what destiny is?





I love how you trust me. And how you’re here by my side. 

I love it. 





When the red thread of fate ties two people together, the two will surely begin to get attracted to one another. Therefore, a man and a woman tied with that thread will always end up together no matter what.


“I have something I have to get back from you. You swallowed my marble last night. A very important marble I carried for nearly 1,000 years to become a human.”



jang ki yong quotes



Do you remember? Everything feels like a season that passes by after living for a long period just as I have. At first, you were like that too. You were just a passing shower. But…I am still standing in the rain. 





Her kind voice. Her smile. And playing a baby.


All those things were, perhaps, a privilege. I have now become a nobody to her.





“Are you sure you want her to go back to her normal life? Is it really okay to see her doing fine without you?”



“Of course.”



“You know what? I may lie to other people, but I would never lie to myself.”


If she wouldn’t look at me the same way as she did, I wouldn’t be able to stand it.



my roommate is gumiho quotes



This doesn’t mean anything. Just as it had always been, this is another careless relationship that’ll stay with me for a short while. This isn’t special.


“Are you sure you want this? Even if she meets other people, dates others, loves others, and eventually stays out of your life forever?”



“No. I’m not sure.”





“Professor, what’s your favorite?”


“Well, there are so many things I like about her. But my favorite is her smile.”


“What? I was asking you what your favorite menu was.”





You have me. You said I was like your family. I want to be like family to you. Someone who supports you no matter what and makes you feel safe. 


It feels a bit strange, but I guess that’s what family is like. We may fight all the time, whenever something happens, we support each other. That’s probably why thinking about them makes me feel safe.



my roommate is gumiho quotes



I made a wish for you. You have a beautiful smile, so I wished you would get to smile often. You can make your dreams come true, so I wished you wouldn’t give up on what you like. And I wished you wouldn’t get hurt…by other people. I wished you would always be well. 


Perhaps I knew from the beginning, that you would change my destiny. That you would, bring meaning into my meaningless and worthless life. 



my roommate is gumiho quotes



If you live your life long enough, you become indifferent to everything. The change of seasons. The meaningless time as I feign to be in love. The emptiness that swarms in from time to time. All of these mean nothing more than countless numbers of repetitions.





Nobody has stayed with me for this long. I’m used to being alone. 

Then, I met you and you happened to become special to me.





“But you have to call me right away if anything happens.”



“If I call, will you run over right away?”



“Of course, I should protect you.”


I think I’m in love. I don’t know how to describe this feeling. It’s soft and hot. I can’t either swallow it or spit it out. That’s how in love I am. 



my roommate is gumiho quotes



I thought I wouldn’t mind quietly disappearing from this world. But you made me want to live. I have always found it uncomfortable being with someone, but I like having you around. This is me saying I love you. 





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