Korean Drama Quotes Galore: Nevertheless (알고있지만)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore: Nevertheless (알고있지만)


The Korean drama Nevertheless has finally come to an end. It has been such a fun ride for the past months, and while I am sad that it has come to an end, it is a bittersweet feeling. Goodbye sexual tension and goodbye beautiful casts of Nevertheless.

This drama is one of the very few Korean dramas that I watched from beginning till the end while it was airing. I mean, how could I not after the first episode and the sizzling sexual tension between the leads. The editing on this drama is seriously something else. Not much can break my monk-like discipline but apparently walking red-flag Jae-eon does it. Homeboy is seriously so damn fine. 

Now, to commemorate the fact that I now have a hole in my weekend and in my heart where Nevertheless used to reside, and also the fact that I still cannot get over how realistic the plot of this drama is, let us walk down the memory lane together for a bit. My final goodbye to this drama, through the quotes from Nevertheless. 



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“What’s the problem if I like the other person more? Why would you date them if you’re not certain? That’s a waste of time.”


She’s making me feel like I’m obsessing over her. 



알고있지만 sol ji wan quotes



“Just like me, okay? Just me, Please.”



“Seo Jiwan, stop making me get my hopes up.”


I like you the most. I like you more than my mom and dad. You’re my favorite person in the world. 



알고있지만 nevertheless LGBT quotes



“And if I say I do like you?”






“Then we’ll break up someday. But I don’t want us to stay like this either.”





I like you, not as friends. 

My feelings will never change, so don’t worry. 





“Do you like me that much?”



“Yes, I like you a lot.”



알고있지만 han so hee quotes



This guy, is bad for my heart. 


“Flowers don’t bloom for just one butterfly.”



“What are you saying?”



“Jae-eon is like that flower, full of vanity. A symbol of seductive beauty that withers once it’s plucked.”



알고있지만 Song Kang quotes



Just like that, the gates of hell have opened.





You know what I regret the most?

Not knowing my own feelings. No, pretending not to know.

Who would love someone who doesn’t even take care of themselves?





Do people have to date? Can’t two people just be close?


I don’t believe in fate or love anymore. But this situation, it’s pretty unrealistic. 



알고있지만 nevertheless quotes



It’s silly, but the moment our eyes met…the pain of the breakup that had been weighing down on me just a minute ago…melted away like snow. 





Love. It gets trampled on and helplessly melts away. It’s nothing. 

My relationship ended like that too. 





“Ji-wan didn’t tell me directly. I just realized it myself. I’m sure she was being really obvious.”



“You were more obvious, you know.”



“Ji-wan said you’re an excellent counselor.”



“It’s easy to give advice to others, but I can’t do anything myself.”



yu na bi quotes



People gossip about others and criticize others so easily. That’s why you should be careful when you’re young. You might think reckless behavior can be forgiven because you’re young. From what I experienced, it’s not the case. there are consequences. You’ll get hit with the aftermath at a crucial moment later on. 


No one will take responsibility for your own life. 





But you know, some things just work out suddenly, 

even when you think there’s no hope





“I’ve never seen Gyu Hyun hang out with girls, either.”



“What about me? Am I a guy, then?”



yu na bi quotes



“Hey, stop seeing other girls and just go out with me.”



“That’s a lame line.”



“Give me a break. I’ve never asked someone out before.”



“You’d better not go back on your word tomorrow.”


“I can’t even sleep these days because of you.”



“That’s nonsense! Why would it be my fault?”



“Well…I think of you every night.”



nevertheless jae eon quotes



“Weren’t you making noodles for me?”



“Next time, isn’t it your birthday today?”


I can’t believe I’m with you like this on my birthday. Life is full of surprises.



nevertheless jae eon quotes



“You’re all smiles, do you like her that much?”



“What? Is it that obvious?”


You were my first love. 



nevertheless kdrama quotes



Na-bi. It’s a pretty name.





You are always pretty…but you look even prettier today.





Our relationship only exists at night, but sometimes it feels like we’re dating.


Sometimes, the reality you’re facing seems unrealistic. Like right now, as I’m walking the streets covered in white after an unexpected snowfall. It’s the same when you’re in love. It feels like you’ve become the most special person in the world. It feels unrealistic. Love.



nevertheless korean drama quotes



I should stop this right now. There are so many reasons as to why I shouldn’t do this…But… I’m still attracted to him. Like crazy. That one simple reason buries all of my concerns again.





You know what your problem is, right? You torment the things you like.





“You’re really weird. The way you talk, the things you do…”



“You mean, you want to think of me as a jerk but I actually seem okay, right?”



“You’re annoying.”



“I’m not that much of a bad guy, am I?”


A pretty girl was gazing at me, asking me…the flavor of my candy.  



nevertheless korean drama quotes



“It’s love.”



“It’s nothing like that.”



“Then what is it?”









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