Take A Peek Into New Kdramas in Halloween Month –– October Korean Drama

Take A Peek Into New Kdramas in Halloween Month –– October Korean Drama


It’s finally October! Sweater weather, falling leaves, and Halloween rolled into this one month. And of course, it also means new Kdramas are coming this month. Your girl could not be more excited.

Also, is it just me, or are the Korean dramas this year so much better than all the years before? There don’t seem to be dull weeks. Right after one Kdrama ended, I already have 2 to 3 new ones lined up, we really are living the peak endless entertainment age. Not that your girl is complaining, I will be the last to complain about all these great Kdrama lineups. My eyes and heart are happy to be blessed with back-to-back cute oppas.

With that said, would you like to take my hand and take a peek into new Kdramas in the month of October? I don’t know about you, but I sure am hyped to see what they have in store for us this month!


korean drama October 2021



korean drama October 2021


1. The King’s Affection (연모)


Genre : Historical Romance, Drama

Starring : Park Eun Bin, Ro Woon, Jung Chae Yun

Aired : October 11th, 2021 –– December 14th, 2021

Episodes : 20




When the Crown Prince’s consort gives birth to twins, the twins are considered an ominous sign, and the order is sent to kill the daughter. To save her, she is secretly sent out of the palace.

A few years later, the twin son Lee Hwi dies due to a disease. To hide her twin son’s death, the mother brings back the daughter and raises her as Prince Lee Hwi. Lee Hwi eventually becomes a crown prince. Fearing that her real identity will be revealed, Lee Hwi is unable to have anyone close to her and hides her emotions from others, making biting remarks. Although she distances herself, she starts developing feels for Jung Ji Woon, her teacher who comes from a noble family. Jung Ji Woon is a teacher from Crown Prince Sikangwon, a government office for the sole purpose of educating crown princes. He is described as a handsome man who is bold, persevering, and tenacious, but also tends to take life as it comes and lives free from worldly concerns as an optimist who enjoys life.

As the son of a government official in the Saheonbu (an investigative government office), his future seemed clearly set out for him. However, there was a reason that he chose to go his own path and leave the easy road behind.



korean drama October 2021


2. Jirisan (지리산)


Genre : Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Action

Starring : Jun Ji Hyun, Joo Ji Hoon, Oh Jung Se

Aired : October 23rd, 2021 –– December 12th, 2021

Episodes : 16




Set against the backdrop of towering views of Mount Jiri, where rangers and other employees of the Jirisan National Park climb through the mysterious and unexplored regions of the mountain, trying to rescue the survivors and lost trekkers.

Seo Yi Kang is the park’s top ranger who has vast experience in navigation, making her knowledgeable when it comes to tracking down lost individuals. One day, she becomes the partner of Kang Hyun Jo, a rookie park ranger who is a military academy graduate and an ex-lieutenant who experienced a horrific incident on Mount Jiri which led him to become a ranger.

The drama is centered around a mystery surrounding the mountain’s many visitors; those who come to kill, and those who come to end their lives.



korean drama October 2021


3. Reflection of You (너를 닮은 사람)


Genre : Thriller, Drama

Starring : Ko Hyun Jung, Shin Hyun Bin, Kim Jae Young

Aired : October 13th, 2021 –– December 2nd, 2021

Episodes : 16




A drama about the love, betrayal, corruption and revenge that takes place through the story of a woman who has been faithful to her desire and another woman who has lost the light of life by meeting with her woman.

Hee Joo had a poor and fierce time during her youthful days. She is now a successful painter and essayist. Her husband is the successor of a hospital and they have two children. Her family life seems enviable, but Hee Joo feels like she spends her time meaninglessly. At that time, Hee Joo meets a woman. The woman is poor, just like Hee Joo in her younger days, but she still shines.



new kdramas halloween


4. Inspector Koo (구경이)


Genre : Thriller, Mystery, Comedy

Starring : Lee Young Ae, Kim Hye Joon, Kwak Sun Young

Aired : October 30th, 2021 –– December 5th, 2021

Episodes : 12




A hard-boiled investigative comedy drama that centers around the insurance investigator Koo Kyung Yi who investigates a murder case. Koo Kyung Yi, an intelligent woman who solves cold cases for the thrill of cracking the case rather than for bringing justice to the world. By hook or by crook, she ferociously chases the truth behind every case.A college student who is a serial killer plots an accidental murder case to defraud her insurance money.



new kdramas halloween


5. Jinx (징크스)


Genre : Romance, Fantasy

Starring : Kang Chan Hee, Eun Seo

Aired : October 6th, 2021 –– November 6th, 2021

Episodes : 10




Kyu Han, a seemingly ordinary student, is cursed with an unlucky jinx. Every time he sneezes, things go exactly the opposite of what he hopes, forcing him into all sorts of unfortunate situations in his daily life. However, despite his supernatural bad luck, he still romantically chooses to pursue his one-sided crush, believing that if he just tries his hardest, there’s nothing he can’t achieve.


new kdramas halloween


6. Peng (팽)


Genre : Romance, Drama

Starring : Yoon So Hee, Choi Won Myung, Joo Woo Jae

Aired : October 7th, 2021 –– November 5th, 2021

Episodes : 10




“PENG” is about a woman entering her 30s as four different men become entangled in her life.

30-year-old Go Sa Ri who is trying to start fresh as she says goodbye to her 20s. She faces a difficult situation when her ex-boyfriend, a younger guy, her best friend, and her boss simultaneously try to win her over.

Pi Jung Won, a talented media artist who also own his own gallery and cafe. He develops feelings for Go Sa Ri, who he has been close friends with since they were young.

Ki Sun Jae, the CEO of the fashion brand that Go Sa Ri works for. A nearly perfect guy with both looks and skills, he shows warmth in his actions although he appears cold at times.

Yeon Ha Rim, a younger guy who isn’t afraid to express his feelings.

Doo Ru Mi is a model who is always straightforward and confident, always willing to show interest when a handsome guy appears. She is an affectionate character who is very loyal to her friends.


new kdramas halloween


7. My Name (마이네임)


Genre : Thriller, Action

Starring : Park Hee Soon, Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun

Aired : October 15th, 2021 

Episodes : 8




Following her father’s murder, a revenge-driven woman puts her trust in a powerful crime boss — and enters the police force under his direction.

Yoon Ji Woo, a member of the organized crime ring, goes undercover as a police officer and harbors cold revenge in her heart. Helping Yoon Ji Woo go undercover is Choi Moo Jin, the boss of, the biggest drug ring in Korea, whose true motives are not easy to read. Jeon Pil Do, a police detective in the Drug Investigation Unit. He is a stickler for rules who becomes Yoon Ji Woo’s partner when she joins the police.

Cha Gi Ho, the team leader of the Drug Investigation Unit. He and Choi Moo Jin have long been enemies, with Cha Gi Ho vowing to take down his crime ring before he retires. Jung Tae Joo, Choi Moo Jin’s subordinate in the drug ring. Because of his steadfast loyalty, he is Choi Moo Jin’s most trusted henchman.

Do Kang Jae, a former member of the drug ring. After causing problems and getting kicked out of the gang, he vowed revenge against them.



kdramas halloween


8. My Sweet Dear (마이스윗디어)


Genre : Romance, LGBT

Starring : Jang Eui Soo, Lee Chan Hyung, Jang Do Yoon

Aired : October, 2021 (TBA)

Episodes : TBA




Yoon Do Gun is a highly talented chef and is the culinary creative genius behind Laura Dining, a top, critically acclaimed restaurant. But although Yoon Do Gun’s hard work has won Laura Dining to the top of the South Korean restaurant scene, the eponymous restaurant owner and Yoon Do Gun are beginning to pull in very different directions. While she wants to ensure that the menu is always packed with crowd-pleasing dishes, Yoon Do Gun wants to challenge diners with creative and newer preparations.

The falling-out intensifies when the owner hires Choi Jung Woo to work in the same kitchen. The latter is a talented chef in his own right, but his real skills are in copying other people’s hit recipes, rather than developing his own. Although the two chefs begin on the wrong foot, adopting an adversarial stance to one another, after getting to know one another, the beginnings of an unlikely love story start to form. Could rivalry turn to romance as the heat intensifies in the kitchen?



kdramas halloween


9. Work Later, Drink Now (술꾼도시여자들)


Genre : Drama

Starring : Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Jung Eun Ji

Aired : October, 2021 (TBA)

Episodes : 10




Ahn So Hee, Han Ji Yeon, and Kang Ji Gu enjoy meeting after work and drinking together. The three women are single and in their 30’s. Their jobs have So Hee works as a broadcasting writer, Ji Yeon as a yoga instructor, and Ji Gu as a YouTuber. Meanwhile, Kang Buk Gu works as a PD of the TV variety show. He hangs out with the 3 women.






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