Korean Drama Quotes Galore: Squid Game (오징어 게임)

Korean Drama Quotes Galore: Squid Game (오징어 게임)


Recently, the Korean drama Squid Game (오징어 게임) took the world by storm. It is quite literally the most talked-about show on Netflix right now and after continuously hearing about it, your girl decided that she too should be in on the hype.

And what do you know? That show is actually bangin’! I watched it with a friend who was skeptical of Squid Game, but by the end of episode 2, we’re both in binge mode. 

I am not sure if there will be a season 2––even though I have heard talks that Netflix might find a way to make it happen with all the popularity that the show is pulling––but, until then, let us reminisce and walk down memory lane with these quotes from Squid Game (오징어 게임). And of course, if you are not scared of gory scenes and gun sounds, definitely give this show a try. I promise you it won’t disappoint. 





It doesn’t matter how tough you are, you’re not going to win in this place. Not on your own.



squid game quotes



Animal instinct. When faced with danger, seek refuge in the herd.


What matters is winning. Embarrassing or not.



squid game quotes



Life is like a game, there are many players. If you don’t play with them, they’ll play with you.





Out there, I don’t stand a chance. I do in here.





Look at those eyes, you still have that temper. Then again…nobody broke your spirit, you could always take a hit.


“I’m good at everything except the things that I can’t do.”



squid game quotes



One of us is gonna die here, so it doesn’t matter what we tell each other. No one can really be embarrassed anymore.


“You don’t trust people because they are trustworthy. You do it because you have nothing else to rely on.”



squid game quotes



“Stick with the strongest team. That’s the only way.”





This is hell. What are the rules in hell?





I think it would put us at a disadvantage if we just choose one. There’s this saying in investing, “Try not to keep your eggs in the same basket.”



squid game quotes



All or nothing, a simple bet.


“I don’t have reason, but you have reason to leave this plays alive. Thank you for playing with me.”



squid game quotes



“I wanted to just feel something, just one last time before I die.”


“I was bitten by a huge mosquito. Mosquitos are really mean these days.”


Judgment is called down to us here. It’s our time to face the Lord.


Just in case either of us can actually make it out of this hellhole somehow, we’ll look after each other’s loved ones, okay?





Do you think money can solve everything?





God forgives, but I don’t. 


“You took more from me than whatever I might possibly owe.”





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