What Love Is – According to a 23 Year Old

What Love Is – According to a 23 Year Old


According to a 23-year-old, love is…

Waking up in the morning to a comfortable bed,

Taking care of friends and family, making sure that they are supported and have their needs met.

Love is being grateful and love is kindness.

Love is heated arguments but also willingness to listen; to always want to improve and be better

not only for myself, but for the people around me as well.

It is making sure that the people in my life know that they are important and cared for.

It is telling my friends and family I love them when I feel the urge to, because I never know if today might be the last day for me to tell them so.

Love is forgiveness, it is sometimes also cruel and selfish.

There are plenty of things done in the world out of love or in the name of love, as it brings out a lot of different shades of humanity in us.

I do not believe in good or bad, just as life is never that black and white. There are nuances to love as are there different shades of love. Different types as well.

Love is sometimes boastful and loud and ugly. It could also be quiet, kind and constant.

Being 23, I understand there are still so much of the world for me to explore. So much experiences to taste, different hints of air to smell, lips to kiss and bodies to hold.

And at the end of the day, despite not really having solely one definition for love at 23, I understand that I need it in my life. Because without love, it will be a very grey and dreary life that I want no part of.






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