KDrama Quotes Galore: Little Women (작은 아씨들)

KDrama Quotes Galore: Little Women (작은 아씨들)

Although I haven’t been watching a lot of Korean dramas as of late, for some reason Little Women (작은 아씨들) made me want to jump back right into the fray of emotional rollercoasters.

If you know me, you know I am not the type to start an ongoing tv series–your girl just ain’t got the patience for that. I am more of a binge-it-all-in-one-go-and-wake-up-with-panda-under-eyes type of girl. But what can I say, there is just something about Kim Go-eun that pulls me in every time. Needless to say, Little Women did not disappoint. This is the most fun I have had in a while with Kdramas, so must so that I decided to compile all my favorite quotes of Little Women (작은 아씨들) for when I need a good hit of makjang Kdrama adrenaline. 



“Did you grow up poor? You never complain.”


“I’m not crying because I am sad. I am crying because I am pissed.”


“There are people who give us things because we seem poor. They give us food and their old clothes. If you take it, they’ll treat you like a beggar. They’ll pity you. I won’t let people think that way about you too.”


little women quotes korea


“I want to live with my sisters in an apartment with nice windows. I’d sleep through the night without a worry in a place like that.”


“You asked me why I treated her like an outcast, didn’t you? I never treated her like an outcast. We just live in different worlds.”


little women quotes korea


“When I was a kid, there was something I really wanted to experience. Blowing out candles on a cake and having my friends sing to me.”

“Really? When I was in the second grade, I made my friends come over.”

“Did Mom buy you a cake? She went through the fridge and boiled all the eggs we had. We lit a candle over five eggs and my friends sang to me.”

“Back then, we brushed our teeth with salt because we didn’t have toothpaste. That was when I knew for sure that our lives were different from the lives of people on TV. That we shouldn’t desire the same things that others desire.”

“What a relief. We live as well as everyone else now. Well enough to buy our little sister a cake on her birthday.”


little women quotes korea


“I just think some women aren’t made to be mothers. Sadly our mom is one of them.”



I don’t mind being poor. It’s how I’ve always been.

But I’d rather die than become a thief.



“Have you ever wished to be born again?”

“All the time. Everyday.”


“You’re more likely to succeed when you live in a good house because you can put most things behind once you’re home.”


“There is only one way for you to live a different life… not being poor anymore.”



I’ve always been obsessed with money and men.



“Eventually, I started thinking that whoever loves me the most is the one who spends the most money on me. I think money is love. Have I turned completely bad? Have I failed to live like a decent human being?”


“It rained a lot that day, and In-Kyung sat by the window and said this. “Grandpa, the rain reminds me of the flow of money. In the end, money also flows through familiar paths.”


little women quotes korea


“Which do you prefer? Rich but mean parents or incompetent but kind parents?”


“As a kid, you smiled a lot. You smiled at everyone you made eye contact with. I hated that. When you’re young and adorable, people smile back at you. But once you grow up, the world slaps you in the face in return. But I can see that you’ve learned that much over the years.”


“Have I told you what I think about you?”


“You’re a small storm. No matter where you go, you change the flow of the air, although you don’t seem to notice it.”


“Your biggest charm is that you take things at face value.”


“Nothing in this world is free. If you owe someone beyond what you can pay off, god knows what you’ll have to give in return later.”



Should I get married or become rich? I was at a crossroads.

I chose to become rich.



“We played detectives when we were kids. You were the director and I was the assistant.”

“We were meant to take turns each week, but you forgot. So I kept being the director, pretending I had forgotten too.”

“I didn’t forget. I was afraid you’d stop playing with me if I asked you to switch.”


little women quotes


“I won’t ask you for anything else. Peace is all I ask for.”


“What did you want to buy if you had the money?”

“Well… a winter coat. Winter clothes are a status of symbol. In summer, your clothes don’t really show how poor you are.”


little women quotes


“You knew I could die for you anytime, without hesitation.”

“But why did you marry me? I wouldn’t have died for you.”

“Because when I was 12, my dream was to live in this house with you. I dreamed of marrying you. I would do anything to protect you. Even if I had to jump from the highest place in the world.”



Nothing in particular happened today.

Because what happened today has been happening for the past thousand years.



“Stay right by my side with the gun pointed at my back. Then you’ll be safe. It’s a good idea not to trust anybody. To be frank, it’d be great if you’d trust no one but me. But don’t ever trust anyone or anything except for your gun and cash.”


“I’ve been risking my life, galloping on a horse. And I still believe that my horse can jump over the fence.”


little women kim go eun


“Can’t you see how I would cherish you and try to protect you?”


“Capitalism is a psychological game. There’s an emotion only the wealthy can overcome while the poor cannot.”

“What emotion is that?”

“A sense of loss.”


little women kim go eun


“You know it’s all your fault, right? You were born poor, but you dared to try so hard to come up here.”


“Can you betray someone, who loves you the most in the world?”




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