The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: A Review

seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo review

When I began reading “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo,” I did so with no particular expectations. All I knew was that this book had, at one point, been on everyone’s lips, yet it had lingered in my Kindle library untouched for far too long. Little did I know that within these pages lay a narrative that, though it started slowly, would soon prove to be utterly impossible to put down.

Evelyn Hugo: The Unforgettable Enigma

Evelyn Hugo, the beating heart of this story, is a character that transcends the boundaries of the written word. From the very moment she graces the page, her presence dwarfs all others. She is magnetic, enigmatic, and profoundly flawed, making her a character whose imprint lingers long after the final page. The novel takes a deep dive into her life, beginning with a modest origin and culminating in Hollywood superstardom. Along the way, it explores themes as diverse as the steep cost of fame, abusive relationships, and the desperate attempts to cloak painful truths behind the dazzling veneer of stardom.

Evelyn Hugo is not the typical heroine. She is not a paragon of virtue or an archetype of righteousness. Instead, she’s deeply human, and it’s her very imperfections that make her all the more captivating. Her journey from obscurity to superstardom is marked by the sacrifices one might make in the relentless pursuit of fame. The narrative boldly confronts the stark realities of selling one’s body to achieve one’s dreams. It delves into the intricate complexities of abusive relationships, exposing the mental gymnastics people perform to justify enduring them. In Evelyn, the book offers a character who embodies the multi-dimensional nature of humanity.

Monique: A Bland Counterpart

Conversely, in contrast to Evelyn’s vibrant presence, Monique, the character tasked with writing Evelyn’s biography, feels somewhat two-dimensional. When competing with the larger-than-life Evelyn, Monique’s character appears comparatively bland and underdeveloped. Her role often seems limited to merely propelling the plot forward, and her personal life lacks the depth and engagement that Evelyn’s narrative offers.

Writing Style: A Matter of Taste

The writing style in “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” may not resonate with everyone. At times, it can come across as somewhat juvenile and needlessly lengthy. Some readers may find it lacking the poetic finesse they expect from a novel of this caliber. Nevertheless, where the author might falter in stylistic flair, she more than compensates with a captivating and compelling story.

Life Beyond Black and White

Through the lens of Evelyn Hugo’s seven marriages and her unapologetic narrative, we are forcefully reminded that life is not a realm of absolutes. No one is entirely virtuous or entirely malevolent. People are motivated by diverse desires and are guided by the knowledge they possess at any given moment. This book masterfully illustrates how individuals navigate the intricate tapestry of their lives, making choices that may seem unfathomable to others.

My Takeaway: A Spectrum of Humanity in a Dazzling World

“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” may begin at a slower pace, but it swiftly blossoms into a riveting narrative that refuses to be set aside. With a central character as magnetic as Evelyn Hugo, the novel ventures deep into the shadowy corners of Hollywood’s glittering facade, revealing the intricate and nuanced lives of its characters. It reminds us that behind every public persona lies a story filled with contradictions, sacrifices, and enduring human complexities.

While the writing style may not be groundbreaking, the story itself is a testament to the power of resilience and the undeniable allure of a life lived beneath the spotlight. Dive into the world of Evelyn Hugo, and you’ll emerge with a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of our existence. This narrative is a powerful reminder that life is not lived in black and white but is painted in the myriad shades of gray that define our journeys.

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