Chocolat L’Amour


In a world brimming with diverse flavors and tantalizing textures, I harbored a peculiar aversion: chocolate. It wasn’t a mere dislike; it was an all-consuming, visceral detestation. Chocolate, in any form, seemed to adhere stubbornly to my throat, rendering my voice hoarse with its overwhelming sweetness. But what I found utterly unbearable was my revulsion for hot chocolate. It scalded my palate, leaving my mouth’s roof scorched and my tongue numbed.

So, you can envision the irony that waltzed into my life when she made her entrance.

She, with her warm, chocolaty eyes that beckoned like a snug fireplace on a frigid winter’s eve. Those eyes held a profoundness that defied comprehension, a richness that transcended mere hue. As they gazed into mine, I became ensnared, my aversion to chocolate fading into oblivion. It wasn’t merely her eyes; it was the way she smiled.

When her lips curved into that gentle, heartwarming arc, the corners of her eyes would crinkle in perfect harmony. The sheer delight and warmth exuded by that smile were akin to a ray of sunshine piercing through a gloomy day. It was irresistible, and my heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. Yet what truly left me spellbound was her voice. It was soft, akin to the whisper of a secret breeze, carrying a melody I had never before encountered. When she shared her thoughts, allowing me a glimpse into her mind, I felt as though I were embarking on an exploration of uncharted realms, discovering the marvels of her world. It was a place where words were imbued with emotions, and dreams were painted with the vivid hues of her imagination.

In her presence, I unearthed a sensation akin to floating weightlessly in a sea of emotions. My aversion to chocolate, once an insurmountable impediment, melted away like snow beneath the radiant warmth of her charm.

In her presence, I grasped that, for once, I was falling without the aid of gravity.

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