Category: Short Story

  • Breaking Up with Romance Fiction

    In the realm of literature, romance fiction has long held the throne as the go-to genre for those seeking a dose of love, passion, and escapism. However, as an avid reader, I’ve recently found myself in the midst of a literary breakup with romance fiction. The reason? It’s become repetitive and predictable, leaving me yearning…

    Breaking Up with Romance Fiction
  • Whispers in the Shadows: A Tale of Ravenscroft Manor

    Nestled in the heart of an ancient village shrouded in perpetual mist, Ravenscroft Manor loomed like a forgotten sentinel, its timeworn stones steeped in tales of centuries long past. To those who dared wander its path, the manor’s façade whispered promises of untold secrets and enigmatic stories that echoed through the ages.

    Whispers in the Shadows: A Tale of Ravenscroft Manor
  • Chocolat L’Amour

    In a world brimming with diverse flavors and tantalizing textures, I harbored a peculiar aversion: chocolate. It wasn’t a mere dislike; it was an all-consuming, visceral detestation. Chocolate, in any form, seemed to adhere stubbornly to my throat, rendering my voice hoarse with its overwhelming sweetness. But what I found utterly unbearable was my revulsion…

    Chocolat L’Amour